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  1. I think the obvious and quick answer to this is surely just go to an authorised Rolex retailer? You will have your answer within minutes? Goldsmiths are one of very few authorised Rolex retailers so I suggest to go there. Just be prepared to not see the watch again if it turns out to be fake or stolen. The level of bitterness from forum members on this thread is astounding. Just because you don't think they're worthwhile, or just because you will never own one, doesn't give you the right to bring down the people that do/will.
  2. Salesforce is a very good cloud based CRM solution. Especially for SME's.
  3. The last horse racing thread on here (about the Cheltenham festival) magically vanished with no explanation. I assume the moderator that day doesn't agree with gambling....so I don't expect this to last BUT: I have had some small bets on Big Shu, The Package and Alvarado so far. Stick to the bookies paying 5 places if you can. A couple are even paying 6 places if you're lucky enough to still have an account open with them.
  4. That is correct. It was my right of way, he didn't stop at the junction to look he was just flying past. He had the nerve to say to me "You do know this is a footpath?!" which I didn't take too kindly to.... People walk along that footpath with kids and dogs all the time which is why I was approaching the junction so slowly. He should have been on the road.
  5. I've grown mine more out of boredom than fashion. The only person that doesn't like it is my Mum who says I look like a hobo.
  6. +1 for cyclists. One almost crashed into the side of my car at the weekend as I was pulling out of a side road. He decided it was more convenient for him to duck the traffic by cycling on the footpath instead and was going a fair pace, luckily I was approaching the junction very slowly in case anyone was walking on the path. No helmet either so he can thank himself lucky that I reacted quickly.
  7. I genuinely thought I had won £120K on a scratch card once until I realised I had misread the terms on it. I died a little bit inside....
  8. Employment wise I can only speak for the field that I'm in and that is IT - Sheffield has never been good for opportunities, in my working career (12 years) I have worked in Sheffield for less than a year of that. In terms of where I live I'm more than happy with it. Couldn't bear the thought of living elsewhere (worked in plenty of cities to know I couldn't relocate within England). Having said that, if the area that I live in developed into anything close to what areas like Page Hall are now (compared to how they were 30 years ago), I would be off like a shot.
  9. I have played a hell of a lot of sport all my life. Football, cricket, badminton all at good levels. Done boxing/Thai boxing/MMA since I was 16, then plenty of other things like tennis, squash, basketball, etc. But by an absolute country mile the sport that has given me the most injuries is, surprisingly, cricket! The amount of times I've pulled a muscle from being cold stood in the outfield, or took an awkward catch, or as a result of some awful pitches I've taken the ball full whack on the ankle/shin/knee so many times when fielding. Batting I have taken plenty on the thigh (hate thigh pads), ribs (hate rib guards), nuts (protected, but still not pleasant), and fingers. *Touch wood* I have so far escaped any serious injuries.
  10. I kept getting blackouts, but I think that was as a result of doing my brains betting the Broncos. ---------- Post added 06-02-2014 at 10:59 ---------- I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I thought it would be a very close game but the Seahawks just seemed to know every single play the Broncos had up their sleeve. Manning's offensive line was awful at giving him protection; perhaps that was just the far superior defence of the Seahawks.... I don't know. Even when he had time he didn't make much use of it. 2 interceptions in any NFL game, never mind the Super Bowl, is just unfathomable. I bet the Broncos and it was clear I had lost my bet in the first 10 seconds of the game. I support New England who the Broncos beat easily in the playoffs but I genuinely think the Pats would have given the Seahawks a better game.
  11. I think ultimately he just didn't fit into the little senior circle of Cook/Broad/Prior/Swann/Flower and it caused too much bad blood in the dressing room a long time ago. It's disgusting really that he has been given the boot. As previously mentioned in this thread he is one of the few remaining senior batsmen that isn't miserably out of form. It's just a case of his face doesn't fit amongst the seniors but I can assure you that the younger players look up to him far more than most and he's surely a big asset to the team for that reason also. Prior should not get his place back - I think he would be probably the 4th choice keeper in my opinion. He is awful under pressure, gets the bulk of his runs when there are already a bucket load on the scoreboard. I hope Jos Buttler gets the job full time for many years to come. Morgan has a great opportunity to fill that middle order slot - a strong cricket brain (could easily see him being captain), great under pressure, seemingly improving still, knows how to control the flow of runs (scores quickly but also very good at steadying a usually sinking ship thanks to the top order) and has the respect of the players. Cook is a terrible captain, I just don't think he has peoples respect as a man, only as a batsman. Leave him to focus on his batting and find his form as he is a fantastic opening batsman. Very consistent when in form. I'd like to see players like Lumb/Bopara/Wright all removed from the one-day/T20 squads once and for all. Stokes/Bairstow/Buttler all have huge futures. A player I would like to see in the limited overs games is the young Jason Roy who plays for Surrey - He is a huge talent and I can certainly see him with a big future at international level.
  12. I agree with both of the above points. In my opinion a percentage is a percentage; they should not pay an increased percentage just because they earn more. Sends out a good message; "The more successful you are, the more we'll tax you".
  13. I have never come across any company that would allow people to plug their own devices into the corporate LAN.
  14. Your accountant is best suited to answer the question in your particular case. In my opinion if your permanent office is your home then mileage in and around your local area can't be claimed. If you go to visit clients then those trips can be claimed. But that is just my opinion... Everyone interprets HMRC guidelines very differently, including some accountants!
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