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  1. I've played the demo. Wait for Pro Evo.
  2. It does support it - but the quality isn't very good. I only bought it a year ago! Anybody know any places where you can trade in old TVs??
  3. I have a couple of questions... I've just hooked my 360 up to xbox live and have the 1-month free gold membership. Can I still download trailers when my 1-month membership has expired and reverted back to silver? Also, I've downloaded the Pro Evo demo, but that only runs in PAL60, not PAL50... which doesn't display very well on my TV. Is this likely to be jus a less-featured demo, or do some games only support PAL60?
  4. Just got a couple of quick questions about greyhound racing... 1. Is there a meeting this coming Friday (7th Sept)? 2. What time are 1st and last races? 3. How much is it to get in? I've read somewhere £5 for adults? 4. Is there parking? How much and does it get full quickly? Before anyone says it, I can't get on to the Owlerton Stadium website - it seems to be down! Thanks
  5. Had the exact same problem when changing from Tiscali to Sky - they only charged us 2 months though! They tried to say they'd kept the account open so we could still use our whatever@tiscali.co.uk email address - even though we never used it and asked for the account to be closed. After several phone calls and emails, we finally got our money back. Good luck!
  6. Perhaps we're the odd ones out, but (touch wood) our Sky Broadband has been fine!
  7. Thanks for the responses! I think I'm gonna go for a 360 Premium with the HDD and online access. A couple more questions if you don't mind... How easy is it to access the net? I have Sky Broadband at the moment. Do you just plug the Xbox cable into the Sky modem, or does the 360 come with its own modem? And can I play Xbox live at the same time as the other half surfs the net on her laptop?
  8. Thanks for the replies. PS3 is out of it purely because of the price for me. £425 is waaaaay too much for a console! For the 360, how do you save your games on the Core system? Do you need a memory card? What size would you recommend?
  9. Definitely agree with Tarquin - Bondhay is excellent
  10. I'm looking at upgrading to one of the next generation consoles (currently have a PS2), and have a few questions about the Xbox 360. The only games I really play on the PS2 are Pro Evo, Tiger Woods and Grand Theft Auto - I'm right in assuming that these are all available for the Xbox? How much better are the graphics compared to the PS2? I've seen videos of the new Tiger game, and think that looks ace. However, my TV isn't HD - will the graphics still be good? I'm thinking of getting the cheapest system (Core), but it doesn't come with a hard drive - do I need one? Or can I get one of the memory cards to save my game data - baring in mind I only wanna play the 3 games above? Is Xbox Live worth it? I've never played games online before. Is the 360 likely to be coming down in price any time soon (I know this is difficult to say, but I've no idea what the launch price was)? As a last question... I want an Xbox 360, but the other half wants a Wii - I see the Wii as a bit of a gimic, a kids' console? Is it any good? Which would you recommend? Cheers
  11. I think stopping people sleeping is a bit worse than digging during the day!
  12. I'm not that impressed with Safari to be honest! Glad I can test my sites on another browser, but it certainly won't stop me using Firefox and Opera. Interesting, iTunes doesn't want to work for me this morning... possibly related to my Safari install??
  13. Had a particularly good night's sleep last night... was awoken several times by YEDL digging up our road! I'm sure a few other people in Swallownest were put out too! From what I could tell, the digging started at about 10.30pm (at least that's when I first saw them) and lasted until at least 1am. Can they do this? Surely there's times when they cannot operate machines in residential areas?? To top it all off, they cut the power as well, meaning we had the joy of listening to about half a dozen burglar alarms going off for an hour!
  14. Maybe check your security settings? I don't use IE, but from memory Tools > Internet Options > Security. Or try another browser: Opera or Firefox
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