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  1. Are we allowed to ask how long you have been together? Mr Tess and I have been together since 1998 and married since 2001, in fact last Saturday was our 6th wedding aniversary
  2. Did JoeP and Starsparkle meet via the forum I wonder?
  3. I've got 20 here If you want a group then females are best, males can fight to the death. My females are much better natured than the males and will come to the cage door and take treats from me
  4. The best thing that has come out of SF for me is me and my husband meeting another forumer and their other half which has resulted in the 4 of us becoming very good friends
  5. Did anyone manage to get to their open day on Saturday? We were hoping to go but couldn't make it
  6. It was Caroline who saw my rats this morning, Scott had the unenviable job of vaccinating Tess and Sadie back in December!!
  7. Does anyone else use this vets at Millhouses? I have nothing but praise for them, in the last 3 weeks they have seen Tess, Sadie, a mouse (Who sadly had to go to the great mouse cage in the sky) and today two of our rats I would reccomend them 110%
  8. I think the Sheffield Bus Museum has a vintage bus that can be hired, don't quote me though!!!!!!
  9. We shred our personal documents and then use it as bedding for the rats/mice, probably impossible for anybody to get any personal info after that!!!
  10. That sounds like a good pet shop Foxy - which one was it?
  11. Have to agree, the blue route announcer's voice is much nicer than the yellow routes one, always makes me laugh when he says "This is the blue route service, bound for haff way" Not Halfway, Haff Way!!!!
  12. My other half has found this to be the case too, went to an agency in Sheffield after seeing a job advertised, lo and behold when he got there it was nothing like what he had origionally been interested in, suddenly it had become a part time position when it had been advertised as a full time one, needless to say he told them where to go
  13. Something we have in common Joe!!!! Get Well Soon Ollie!!!!
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