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  1. which AFK fighters are on the bill? Is pete fighting?? Get clo_bo on the card missed her kicking ass at the last Octagon show
  2. Hey homies , I think I might be down for this one Farhad! Its a Sunday my only day off! wooo Been a while I want to see if my boys and girls have improved much since ive been away...which im sure they have
  3. sounds like it was a gr8 night.....Well done to Adam , I heard it was a brilliant fight. And a big well done to Miss Clo bo
  4. I see the event is going to be on a sunday so I should be able to make a journey up from Leicester .Sounds like some great fighters going to be on the Show.. Are any AFK fighters going to be on the show?
  5. where can i watch it i missed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. lol Maybe you should try stand up comedy Firstly the list is just random names. This is just seen as a think tank. There are over 100 names in all spread out over various websites and polls etc. I find you comments rather comical but thanks anyway
  7. thanks for the suggestions guys keep them coming
  8. These are just a number of names given today ,,picking the name will take a while and may not even be any of those names ...Im using this forum and others for opinions ..So thankyou for yours...
  9. Hey guys and girls I need your help naming a nightclub which will be opening in the near future..I shall not disclose location or information about it for now....A few names I have thought of are below..please give me your favourite names and if you got your own suggestions feel free to let me know thanks p.s I missed out accidently g-spot,blush,Emperia and Halo of the poll Illusions Juice Pulse Voodoo Vertigo NRG (as in energy) Recess Out Voltage Halo Nebula Helix Fusion Emperia Blush G-spot
  10. Is this the guy who wears a mask to hide his identity? or am I thinking of someone else?
  11. yer but if someone is conditioned enough they could walk straight through that knee and start pounding at the head and not let you get him in the clinch but you when talking about this come forward aggressive style lots of fighters do it...Hatton, Vitor Belfort,forest griffin,silva etc etc
  12. lol okay maybe its not the best video I think it was the 3rd round in the fight...so people get tired at that stage....and as for her kicks maybe she didn't show it but she has great kicks....to be honest her record speaks for itself...2 times British university champion and also number 4 in the world at Savate....i've never actually witnessed her loose b4.Its her aggressive come forward style which actually works...
  13. who knows but check the vid of her fighting it might makes things clearer .....she destroys a former universities champ i think..... i wonder who the ugly ref is? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1Nf2etHQiA
  14. Holly Mason really is that good...I personally think she should be number 1 by a long way...
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