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  1. Hey Steve, My post is a tentative step into asking those whom may be looking for help for their Video Game / Table Top Game specific startup via an incubator. Both sectors, Video Game and Table Top are of interest. Software development (Games themselves but also Game services such as eSports platforms, game specific retail service software etc), Hardware development (including using IOT in gaming - think Skylanders etc) or Product development (such as integrating tech into new board games or development of new 3D model based games aided by 3D printed) For those who know me on LinkedIn, my profile will be updated soon to reflect the scope of what I am trying to achieve. The Game incubator will be situated in the Kollider building when opened (see https://www.thestar.co.uk/business/huge-tech-hub-in-former-sheffield-co-op-department-store-set-to-transform-digital-economy-1-9029279 for more information). My aim here on Sheffield Forum was to try to connect with grass roots start-ups - though I understand many people frequent the forums and thus an ideal platform to gather interested parties. Objectives: - Create a game industry specific incubator and accelerator at the heart of Sheffield. - Allow both Start-ups and in house projects to be developed, incubated and accelerated to allow quick access global games markets. - Share in the success of ideas and IP development by offering a unique incubation/acceleration program. - Partner with leading experts in the field to offer guidance and mentor. - Residency offerings within the Incubator itself. - Rapid prototyping / Testing facilities (both software and hardware). - Access to a network of like minded individuals, businesses and mentors. PM me if you would like to receive more information, Scott
  2. Hi Group, I am looking for people that are be interested in the Video Game / Table Top Game industry and that might be interested in attending an game specific incubator. Those that are looking to either start up a business in this sector (or interested in doing so) or have a Start-up that has being going less than a year. Mentor, guidance, funding, desk - all available for the right ideas and mindset pending review. Perhaps you are a games creator wanting to set up your own games development studio, or you have your own business idea in this sector, or you have a new board game that you feel has mass appeal? Maybe you have tech or product portfolio that could be integrated into this industry? Individuals or small teams welcome. Please PM me back, Scott
  3. Hi Greg, Very consistent, we have the material of to a T as they say. Requires resolutions of 200 Microns, speeds off 20mm/s, other small tweaks, but very good. I can't display images here but I have lots of examples. Our latest batch, which is the one we have commercialised (and from here on out will use) produced some fantastic objects. I have just finished printing the MK9 (Wanaho extruder feeder mechanism). It has 100% recycled parts, yes, that includes a new bearing I designed to replace the existing metal bearing and the spring, imagine 100% recycled plastic! I have been testing it and it seems to do the trick! If you want to place an order please feel free to come direct to me, I think you have my email. Bigger orders bigger discount. Drop me a line and we can start talking projects if you are interested. Take care Scott ---------- Post added 12-12-2014 at 11:10 ---------- ...you should place a fila-cycle order fila-cycle.co.uk
  4. Hey Greg, how did the event go? Sorry we couldnt make it. We have just launched a new 100% recycled filament brand called fila-cycle. http://www.fila-cycle.co.uk Scott
  5. Hey, still looking for 3d printing services? I am sheffield and provide that sort of thing. Scott
  6. Morning? Its still night haha... yep, same here, probably the same road, although the alarm has stopped now phew, back to sleep! couldnt see anything reported on the providers site.
  7. ...No problem, look forward to your call tomorrow. Take Care Scott Tech Director at ObjectForm
  8. Hey WhiteHawk, I offer the very service you are after (hopefully!). FDM/FFF technology. ObjectForm.co.uk (based in Sheffield). Please call me via the phone number on the website and ask for me! Thanks Scott
  9. ....and you hit the nail on the head WOW... yep my mum is called Diane. Just spoke to my dad (steven). He knew Colleridge Road very well number 78 with is family (William being the head of the house at that time). AND yes, my dad is laughing away as he remembers winning the jackpot... mick ellywell (spelling?) and David Hurst won it with them too he thinks. David works with my dad to this day!! He really wants to know who you are but I apprieciate you may not want to give your name away. You moved to Australia??!! Do you have any photos from back then with you lot in them? Can you scan/email ? Wow.... small small world
  10. Yup Walt and Lily at around 1975... My dad just said they put on a buffy for my mum and dads wedding!! ha ha... They obviously had been very helpful around that time! ...keep reading my replies further down... some one got even closer!....
  11. Hi there, sorry for the delay in response... I spoke to a few of my family. No not Charlie he was there before... It was Walt and Lily when my grandad was there.... see some later posts I am about to reply too... Someone hit the nail on the head later on
  12. You do? Wow thats great. Yep, I forgot to mention everyone knew him by Bill. Yeah, apparently he did a lot for the club. His Son (my dad) was also a member but that thing tended to die off (signing in to the club and paying the subs). I may yet have wonder down the the club see if they can give me any details. Long shot but you never know! Nice to chat to you.
  13. ...You sound like my dads age maybe (perhaps a little younger). Steven Knowles? Perhaps people remember Stuart or Linda Knowles too? Please see my previous post about William Knowles (President in 1975). Anyone got any photos? I can see all the names you speak of in the Printed copy of the annual general meeting of 1975. Scott
  14. Hi, Just came across a load of stuff from my uncle and I found that my granddad was the president in 1975 at the Attercliffe Liberal Club.... 1975 ==== Officials President : William Knowles. Secretary: L. Christopher Treasurer: H. Scarratt Committee W.Goodison H.Towers C.Smith F.Webster E.Witham N.Ridgeway E.West H.Joel Any one know him? Sorry to say he died in 1985. I am carrying out a family tree and would love to hear from his friends. I have very few photos so if any one can help? Club pictures and news around 1975? btw I am he grand son. Thanks!
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