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  1. As I understand it all sentences are in two parts. The punishment tariff (the part served in custody) and the rehabilitation tariff (the part served on parole). This is usually a 50/50 split as you say, time can be r3duced from the punishment tariff for good behaviour in prison. This time isn’t reduced from the overall sentence it just increases the rehabilitation portion. In your case 5yrs will still be served just not in an exact 50/50 split.
  2. I joined in 2006. I left the UK in 2010 so my contributions diminished then. I remember Bartfarst, and while I didn't agree with him, he was by far the most erudite antagonist this forum has ever had. I also wonder if SlimSid ever got his end away.
  3. Which blind three fingered hairdresser/butcher did that haircut?
  4. I'm reminded of this rather wonderful thread. vResistance didn't get involved but TruthLogic (who never posted at the same time but did completely agree with everything vR said) a similarly deluded halfwit became convinced that Prince William had admitted to being a part of a secret society. http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=732986&highlight=prince+william+alumni
  5. The chap at Rayo Vallacano. From 2-1 up to losing 10-2 against real Madrid. http://www.skysports.com/football/r-madrid-vs-r-vallecano/live/347723
  6. He grew up to become jigsaw from the Saw movies. The love of engineering traps and the slow torture of people combined with the childhood trauma of being left Home Alone sent him over the edge.
  7. There's 200+ admin jobs listed in Sheffield here. http://www.reed.co.uk/jobs/administration-in-sheffield What salary are you looking for?
  8. Thank you. I did download the link from the Windows site but it's not a disk image. How do I install burn it to disk and run it?
  9. I have no idea what my Windows 8.1 serial was though? Box was destroyed by the dog. Any suggestions? Can I upgrade or will it bugger evrything up?
  10. This playlist from the good people at Mythbusters should answer your questions.
  11. You're in a public place. Keep your shoes on. If you want to sit there pressing buttons without your shoes on do it at home.
  12. It's always a lot easier to blame others for the decisions you made. Take a look back through your life the only thing that has been a constant is yourself. You're where you are because of the life choices YOU have made. No one else.
  13. Because interfering in peoples private lives is nothing to do with the Government?
  14. I wouldn't fancy being the Australian Ambassador having to explain why his nation thinks it can circumvent local laws. Plus I doubt Tony Abbott gives two hoots what happens to convicted drug dealers.
  15. Here you can find out what your vote is truly worth. http://m.voterpower.org.uk/
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