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  1. I think the whole fault lies at the feet of the Mika management for choosing a totally unsuitable venue. They should know the type of fans Mika has, and that a large proportion of them are going your be pre teens. Surely, a more suitable venue would have been The City Hall, which I am certain they would have sold out.
  2. Just spoken to my daughter on the phone who tells me it looks pretty serious. She reckons a car has mashed into the HSBC bank. Several fire engines etc etc. Just cut the roof off the car. Should be fun getting home up Abbeydale Road tonight
  3. Thanks for that. I will give them a bell in the morning
  4. Thanks for your suggestion Lady Star, but unfortunately I need them for tomorrow
  5. Can anyone tell me where I might be able to buy L'escargot (Snails) in Sheffield. I believe you can get them in jars, but have had no luck in Sainsburys or Tesco. Thanks
  6. I have a spare standing ticket available for anyone who's interested. Face value of course - I ain't no freaking tout! PM me if you are interested Sorry, it's gone
  7. hi, i thought that i would introduce myself. I work for mencap and its me who keeps letting the lads have your details from the forum. Thank you for making new people so welcome. Thanks again.
  8. Just thought that I'd keep you up to date.... No news from the bus company but what a surprise....there has not been ANY buses waiting at that stop for the last 5 mornings!!!
  9. I have reported the situation to the YPTE and also to the traffic commisioner who apparently gave permission to stagecoach to make the bus stop a waiting place. At 7.30 in the morning the road junction is not at all the same as it is even half and hour later. The traffic comes in waves so as long as you time pulling out you have a good chance of there being no traffic in either direction. I guess that the point I was trying to make was that I have to pull out of the junction so far that I almost cross into the second lane just to see round the buses when they are there. When there is no bus/es waiting, the junction is fine. I am not going to take an alternative route or get on a bus to work as a solution unless the powers that be deem the junction unsafe and make it a one way road....I think that maybe I wanted people to support my right and maybe also complain as well to the relavent people if they also find it difficult to pull out!! Thanks for all the comments, I will let you know when and if I find oiut what they think after the investigation.
  10. Panel is like the purse for social services, the proposel is usually taken twice. firstly to get approvel in principal which means that they agree in principal to fund from an agreed date, but a week before you want the funding to start you have to go back again for comfirmed rubber stamping. It is all to do with where the money is going and how much is in what pot on what day. There isn't enough money to go round. Sometimes they change your request slightly and hopefully if your SW has done their job well they should have a good idea what the result will be.
  11. I do manage my risk on a day to day basis and don't put my life at risk, but I do think that one day someone could get seriously injured at that junction. I will wait and see what the YPTE make of the situation when they investigate my complaint.
  12. I don't know because i don't know what a point time is.
  13. My response wasn't really aimed at anyone...i am just a bit feb up with it every day and yes i could go a different route but that would mean going along way out of my way to aviod it. It is a problem for people trying to cross the road as well as car uses. all of the traffic has to move over into the one lane. I have talked to the YPTE and they are looking into it, apparently they have been told by stagecoach that they have regular complaints but that the Traffic commisioner has told the bus company that they need to stay put somewhere to make sure that they don't run early on the route.
  14. no they are not school buses, and unfortunalty because i work in the care in the community field i need my car for work.
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