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  1. Hey all, Hope you can help me. I've recently had my website revamped and have set up a twitter and facebook page to go with it but im really struggling to "get the site out there" and wondered if any of you had any tips or ideas on how i can get as much coverage as possible? At the moment i dont seem to be making much headway with attracting new customers and am struggling for new ideas Thanks
  2. Poor mans Warnock, that is Mickey Adams surely!
  3. Hi all, Could you post any blogs or PM them me that are themed well and look cool, im trying to set one up for my site but need some inspiration Cheers
  4. Tough one cos my head says Man Utd to win but i have a sneaky feeling for Arsenal.... 1. Arsenal 2. Man Utd 3. Man City 4. Spurs
  5. Ahhhh good old Sumo churning out the usual tat...if i was you i'd leave it a couple of weeks...days...hours? After release and start checking out the bargain bins
  6. Ive heard the Cossack is good plus theres free money stuck to the floor too If that sort of thing tickles your fancy
  7. I think "top fighter" is going a tad too far, how many title fights did he have where he got battered before finally winning one? Law of averages there....plus Mr Oskins only raves about him cos he went to school with him
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