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  1. I saw all the bike police outside Rossi's on my way out; thought maybe they were doing their cycling proficiency
  2. Does anyone know what the police presence was for in this area around half an hour ago? Loads of officers on bikes and also in cars. There were some posters on the school in Arabic/Hindi etc or similar (I can't read it so don't know which sorry!) and there seemed to be a lot of the Asian community around. There was a procession/march with flags etc. Was there an important visitor or festival or is it a protest or funeral or something? Just intrigued as I got caught up in it on my way home.
  3. They sell them in Netto on Queens Road
  4. Hi there; I'm having a problem with my laptop. Previously everything has been fine, and then today I am unable to download programs (I can still download music p2p). I have tried to download an MP3 splitting program and get the message "the setup files are corrupted. please obtain a new copy of the program". I deleted the corrupted files and tried again, the same. I have now tried 3 alternative programs, run Spyware and Antivirus software and performed system restore to no joy. Searching the internet the only solutions I could find were people who were using a particular type of network card, which I'm not. I have a Dell Inspiron 640m, not altered in any way and I am up to date with antivirus and spyware programs and tests. This is infuriating me! Any help gratefully received
  5. Well I'm a Hallam student and I logged in to check our directories, which even includes staff and she isn't listed there!
  6. I have just searched the Hallam directory for you and can't find that name there!! Must just be skint not a student!
  7. Er, exchange?! Well our flat is right in the city centre, just off West Street opposite Tescos. As for Bulldog, they are offering 6 months half price right now, so we could get 8meg unlimited for £20/month for 6 months, and then it would be £40/month thereafter (so over 9 months, as there is no min term about £27/month) That includes the phone line rental too which is pretty competitive. The student offer on Bulldog doesn't even seem to match up to their general offers :confused: If Bulldog was guaranteed to go to plan I don't think any other providers can beat them... just don't fancy it having a big wobbler and having no internet mid-dissertation!
  8. Looks great but we haven't got our BT phone number yet so I can't find out if it's available at our flat or not!
  9. Oops - maybe I should be banned from the web altogether- Mods could you move this to Computer chat- whoops!
  10. I know there have been questions asked about broadband before but can anyone give me some advice about a package to suit our needs? We are a group of 6 students requiring broadband. For this reason the first requirement is that it is not a fixed term contract as we will only be here for nine months. Secondly, Telewest don't cover where we live, so that's out of the question! Thirdly, we will have upto the whole 6 computers online at once so we are looking for at least 1mb, and either a very high download limit or none at all as we will all be in our final year and need to access large documents etc. I have been looking at costs and they vary so much! Bulldog, pricewise are looking good plus it's one bill a month (they have their own phone line) which is easier, but I have heard some horror stories. So, anyone very technically minded or who know of a good deal, it would be most appreciated! Edited to add: We already have a router, modem, wireless box etc so any offers including free hardware won't save us anything! Thanks!
  11. I am on a cashback offer with 3 and just coming to the end of my 12 month contract. I haven't had any problems with them. My offer wasn't quite that cheap - normally £40/month but I get it half price at £20/month. I pay £40/month and claim lumps sum back at 6th and 12th month and I haven't had a problem. Mine is with E2Save who are the internet-only arm of the Carphone Warehouse. There are similar offers to the one you saw around everywhere, there are lots at £2.99/month etc. Cashback can be a pain but £40/month (for 750 any time/network mins and 150 texts) is cheaper than what I used to pay and a lump sum back every now and then is a pleasant surprise! Just don't forget to send off your bill for the cashback in the set timeframe, send it recorded and ring to check it got there and there shouldn't be a problem.
  12. Thanks for the info and thanks to your girlfriend too. It's much appreciated
  13. Might this be of any use?: "How do I contact you? If you have read the frequently asked questions and still need help, please contact us on one of the following numbers: Royal Mail 0845 77 40 740 Parcelforce Worldwide 08708 50 11 50" Hope it is (by the way here is the link to where I found that.)
  14. Your local? You sure it's not your bar? Only 7 posts in the 2 months you have been registered and all of them refer to Ruskins and promote it
  15. I have already done what you suggest, Dug, and the OP probaby has too. But, universities are effectively businesses and courses are their products. If too few people sign up, they cannot be run; they are not likely to tell prospective students that the course is a waste of a year/ overpriced etc. Sometimes you just want an insider's view, from the perspective of a student on the course rather than that of a tutor
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