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  1. We have a lionhead rabbit who has a large roll of skin under her chin and was told that this is normal but it seems to be getting bigger and I can feel like a ball inside it. She also doesn't like it when I touch it. Please if anyone has any infomation I would be very grateful.
  2. I have a cairn terrier who I took in because the owner didn't want him anymore but he just doesn't like my cats and keeps trying to attack them. I am so sad about this as he is a wonderful dog otherwise. My cats are so scared of him so it's with regret that I am going to have to find him a new home. He is 4 years old and seem fine with children.
  3. Hi I was just looking thru the posts on here and there doesn't seem to be any regarding teenagers. I am a single mum of a online gaming mad son who is 14. He's on em from coming home from school til I, with great difficulty, kick him off. On one hand I am glad he's at home so I can keep an eye on him but do worry about the amount of time he's on the pc. Does anyone else have a son or daughter doing the same?
  4. Just had a text from them saying the school is closing at 12.35pm today due to the weather and health and safety.
  5. Used to live around the corner from it and had problems with druggies in the area. Not sure whether it's been reformed or not
  6. I agree with you lubylou. Due to ill health I had to leave my job and so claim incapacity and housing benefits. So many landlords wont even think about renting to "our types"
  7. I would call it Monty as in "The Full"
  8. Hi my cat Chloe does this from September onwards to when they stop letting fireworks off. This year it was after the new year. The fur has just grown back. I am going to get some of this http://www.pet-supermarket.co.uk/erol.html?gclid=CKibrfiW5YkCFTVYQgodKDfFKQ
  9. Does anyone know whether cats would attack a guinea pig?
  10. Me too Jon even though I was underage
  11. Aww those pics are sooooo cute. Your black & white pussy looks like Smudge my lovely cat who went to cat heaven in December
  12. It's worked for me thanks scoop Have emailed them
  13. Lol I know what you mean john t. I'd be lost without my 3 puddy tats and house bunny. They make my family a family
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