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  1. yes there is an Off Licence next to the Ranmoor Tandoori,
  2. I to, have hear this guy on his green bike, it drives me potty, every bl....dy day does he come past my house roaring past thinking he's Barry bl....dy Sheen . Then to cap it all I hear him comming home as well. Who was the lady he didnt stop for on the pelican crossing , because i witnessed this :rant:
  3. Ranmoor area S9EAN -- SEAN JO5EPH -- JOSEPH JEA11Y -- JEANY
  4. I think it used to be House of Fraser until around 12 years ago. Before that it was Walsh's
  5. As you drive down Gell St on the right hand side is a large sign saying Bike Buses Taxis right turn only Mon - Fri 4.00 - 6.30 pm, All Other Traffic turn left, so if you turn right you will get a ticket, if not your ok ,
  6. Rapid Tan Centre · 01246 435583 9 Church Street, Eckington · Sheffield In House Tanning Agency · 0114 287 6076 26 Portland Avenue, Aston · Sheffield
  7. Does anyone know where you can buy a 2-tone suit in Sheffield Thanks
  8. Hiya i can recommend an excellent window clearner, I live at Ranmoor and he does a great job. Ring Melvin on 07958582276 Cheers Andrew Carr
  9. In 50 / 70 years from now this country will be a Muslim state -- how wrong is that !!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Yeah Miss Daft and Mrs Jarvis are still there full time, been there for more than 30 years !!!!!! they must enjoy it lol ???
  11. Hi, anyone know where i can get some speakers (docking station ) that connect to the Ipod shuffle Many Thanks
  12. they are a eyesore! why an earth would anyone want to save them? Sooner they are knocked to the ground the better GET EM DOWN !!!!!!!!!!
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