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  1. No, on the human freesat box you don't get the sky channels. You only get the freesat channels, you can get a list of Google. For the sky channels you need a Sky box and a subscription. ---------- Post added 20-03-2017 at 12:29 ---------- I opted to leave fully, will save me over £600 this year taking into account the cost of the freesat pvr box. That was in December, Sky still call me at least once a week trying to get me to come back. Currently they are offering 75% off for the next 12 months. If you want to save money, cancel your contract , use your sky box as a freesat box for a few months and wait until sky offer you a much better deal to rejoin if you really want to.
  2. You don't need the internet to record on your sky+ box, but if you cancel your subscription you can't record or pause on the sky box and they remotely wipe your hard drive on cancellation date. We have happily moved to a humax pvr freesat box, sky are still trying to get me to rejoin they are offering £12 a month for a new 12 month contract for sky sports.
  3. You can just buy a freesat box and use the same sky dish and cables. Or you can use your sky box but it is a pain as you can't view most of the channels.
  4. Hopefully someone will be able to advise. I purchased my home in 2012 , and the house was built in 2004. I have recently learnt that there the final completion certificate was never issued by the council in 2004. Is this something my conveyancing solicitor should have checked when I purchased the house. Thanks
  5. I am thinking about going out to bradfield to watch, anyone got any idea to what tne parking will be like around damflasks. There appears to be one way system operating but not sue if there will be parking restrictions.
  6. I am looking for a ballpark figure for how much the following would cost. We have a flat we are in the process of renting out , and need to fit an electric shower over the existing bath. The fuse box is on the other side of the wall outside the bathroom, approx a fee metres away. The fuse box a few years old. We also want the tiling extending , what would it cost per square metre to do. Thanks
  7. Hi I have just been offered an allotment at Hagg Lane, and before I accept it I would like advise on how much effort would be needed to manage it. I don't want to accept it unless I have a chance of managing it, and don't want to deprive someone else of the opportunity. I visited it yestederday and the weeds were 6 foot high and looks like it will take a lot of effort to bring it up to standard. Any advise would be welcome, thanks.
  8. My first 1/2 marathon will be this years Sheffield, I am hoping to run sub 1:30. This maybe a bit ambitious, however my first training run was the full distance in about 1:44 , but that was on quite a hilly course. So it maybe achievable assuming the weather is not too hot.
  9. Hi I am looking for a running club , ideally in the S6 area , but I do work in the city centre so somewhere I could get to by tram would also be an option. I have started running again recently, and ran my first 10K recently at the Great Yorkshire run , and suprised myself by completing in 43 mins. I would like to run more 10K's and some half marathons , and am looking for a club to motivate me to train better and push me , as running on my own I often stuggle to push myself. Any advise would be welcome Matt
  10. Currently the XBOX 360 (in my opinion) is the better bet, there is a much larger choice of games, and if you want to play online X-box live is far better.(although you have to pay extra for it). I will be getting PS3 in about a year,when there is a greater choice of games and hopefully when the price comes down.
  11. It is still on the moor, it has moved further up towards the town centre
  12. I've had BT for 18 months at it has been very good, until a few months ago when i had a three week outage, their service was appalling and I am still waiting for a reply to my letter of complaint. Since they fixed the problem the service has been excellent again
  13. Has anyone else being having problems with their ASDL from BT? Mine failed on 24 September. I have spoken to BT on numerous occasions and they are completely useless and no help
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