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  1. Bit out of the way but Parkside Farm shop on the way to Hoyland do an amazing pork pie. 😋. They also do great sausage rolls. My car won't let me drive past there without stopping, definitely recommend 👍🏻
  2. Great I'll pop on Fri and see if she's around, thanks for the info would rather give to them and Amy's if poss
  3. Does anyone know what days the ladies run the Help for Heroes charity stall on Bellhouse Road? I've got bags and bags of stuff to donate, Amy's retreat at Nethershire shop aren't taking any donations at the moment. Thanks in advance
  4. American Hustle. A cool,stylish film. As usual Christian Bale is flawless. Bradley Cooper is really good, some funny scenes. For me tho Jennifer Lawrence stole the show thought she'd be a bit out her depth but was brilliant. Soundtrack was really good too 9/10 Hunger games,catching fire - stayed true to the book I thought, really good 9/10
  5. Been waiting for season 4 for what feels like forever! Wasn't disappointed at all. Bit confused about the woman in the woods tho - does anyone else think Rick will regret not "killing" them (or just me ) Glad to see Rick is back to his usual self. Would love to see Daryl and Carol get together at some point. Looking forward to the second episode!
  6. Captain Phillips 10/10 THE best film i've seen in a long time. Tom Hanks - superb!
  7. So looking forward to tomorrow night - Roger the Mascot. Definitely worth a watch and a listen, have a look on youtube. Saw them for the first time at Tramlines and been hooked ever since!
  8. Prisoners - 9/10 Really solid performances from Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhall (sp) Great to see Hugh play a different character from the type he usually plays, mean, moody and muscly (not that i'm complaining) Considering the film (including trailers) started at 10.45 and we came out of the screen at 1.40 it really didn't seem like that long a film. Really good twists and turns. Liked the pace from start to end. All in all brilliant!
  9. One of my fave films - especially loved the soundtrack! Pretty grizzly but thought Val Kilmer played a really great part! Would definitely recommend it
  10. Saw a band called Roger the Mascot at Tramlines in July and totally hooked. Give them a listen as they're on Soundcloud.
  11. Hello! The Megacentre is really good, I've taken my kids ages 3 and 5 there a few times. There's a bouncy castle and a ball pool. Quite a small area for the under 1's with a few toys/books/slide/cars etc. There's a larger section for older kids (plus5's) too. They do a toddler morning there but can't remember what day it is - £2.95 and the little un's get a healthy snack. Give them a ring or just call in and ask if you can have a look around, all the staff seem really friendly (Lovely coffee too)
  12. Majorca is lovely - only 2.5 hours away and the temps should be about what you are looking for. Cala Bona is lovely and very scenic but has some lovely bars and places to eat. Agree with the Canaries they are great (Gran Canaria being my fave) but it's always really hot tho not sure what the temps are frb/march and flight times are anything between 4 and 5 hours We went abroad for the first time last year with my then 4 and 2 year old. We went to Majorca, they loved it and the flights were fine - a big adventure!
  13. Kickass 2 - 8/10 really enjoyed it but hope they leave it at that now. If you've not seen it stay til the very end of the credits as there's a little scene. 2 Guns - 8/10 A great shoot em up, really liked the chemistry between Wahlberg and Washington and enjoyed watching them together. Lots of other well known actors in there too, Bill Paxton was brilliant. Defo worth a look!
  14. The Heat - 5 /10. Ok, predictable but alright. Would be nice to see Melissa McCarthy play a different role to the loud mouthed tomboy chav she seems to have been type cast as The Long Ranger - 8/10 After hearing some mixed reviews I wasn't really expecting much but i really enjoyed it. A bit violent for a 12A but that's just my opinion.
  15. We've had our xmas do at Magna a couple of times. Not cheap (about £45 i think) but food was gorgeous, silver service. They had a great band and bumper cars there too! Not everyones cuppa but we really enjoyed it both times. We're going to ponds forge this year for a masquerade ball - eek!
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