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  1. Once upon a time the racism was covert. Hidden underneath. Now it's open. Much overt. The leave campaign well here's your victory. A country on the edge.
  2. Loved the EU guy who told farage if you hate us why are you still here? Dumb farage and ukip tools happy to get the eu gravy train and all that money but still criticising the EU. Can't wait for the day when these neandarthals are booted out. Then they are going to blame someone else for their troubles
  3. George galloway the dictator ass kisser should run for the mayor of latakia syria. as for corbyn can't wait for the wet fish to eat it
  4. Cameron and osbourne always said austerity austerity austerity to main the UK credit rating. Today it has been downgraded. So all the cuts by the govt became useless. ---------- Post added 27-06-2016 at 22:56 ---------- The EU is not a paradise but its not the monster it's made out to be. You will see what i mean in the coming few months when companies start moving from the UK to mainland europe
  5. Not blaming folks here. But where once the racists were hiding in the shadows, now they are bold because of brexit. It feels like they can rage now
  6. So my aunt who lived for years in sheffield gets subjected to racist abuse today for the first time here in sheffield. Thanks guys
  7. why do you care? you are leaving no? ---------- Post added 27-06-2016 at 20:12 ---------- It will be easy for europeans to buy stuff from us. You and me on the other hand will find things that bit harder you see with the pound getting a beating. But hey you took back control.
  8. You are a racist if you are a ukip supporter. Plain and simple
  9. Heh. 37 percent of the electorate decided to play russian roulette with people's futures and the economy of the country but we should all move ahead. The americans have a saying. You break it you own it. The leavers have managed to trigger political and economic suicide for the UK. Time to own it and don't bother telling us to move on and look to the future.
  10. Your pitiful attempt at humour is that. Pitiful. When kids are not safe you know racists are now emboldened. They see their racism as acceptable
  11. Reports of universities who are jittery due to lack of EU funding scrambling for help from the government. Poor guys should know the govt is going to be having less money soon
  12. All you who voted to leave. Congrats. This is what you unleashed Aisha S Gani ‏@aishagani On Friday my niece was on a field trip. A man shouted at school girls: "So is this a **** Islam fishing group?! Where's the white people?
  13. Yep. Cameron handed a poisoned chalice to boris. The economy is headed for recession and boris was counting on cameron to trigger article 50. Cameron played him. Boris will be a less than 1 year term unless the labour party implodes completely by still having that worthless bum corbyn
  14. Alot of leavers having knowed they messed up are wishing the eu collapses. Sour grapes if you ask me
  15. oh yes the lion roared. I hope it keeps roaring when the economy contracts
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