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  1. yeah.. i am starting to go to the gym more.. i feel great, and more alive =) endorphines, are the key - "happy hormones" as they call it =)
  2. hehehe.. yeah if u want ! ^^ jus asking around for my friend he is trying 2 organise this inter uni footie tournament
  3. Hi, I was wondering if there was a place in Sheffield, where there are 2 or more 11 a side grasss football picthes to host a footie tournament. Thank you again!
  4. hi its for 2 female dancers @ kingdom night club just to blend into the background and do some chic dances on the 2 podiums the event is on arpil 19th
  5. hi i was just wondering if anyone knows anywhere to hire dancers in sheffield for a night club event? thank you
  6. takumi

    What was the last CD you bought?

    ehehehe.. same here..
  7. errrrrrr...... nooopeeeesss =p hehehe i use my mobile toooo much..
  8. takumi

    Where to go on Thursdays?

    kingdom do sweet rnb on thursday.. and i think if its b4 11.. u get some drinks for 66p..
  9. takumi

    Doing good turns

    have to agree.. but what i believe is what you give is what you get.. i.e. karma.. so everyone do good.. even though others do not do good to you.. cos it will play off in the end..
  10. takumi

    Who has false teeth?

    i unfortunately have a crown @ 20 so kids take care of ur TEETH!!.. brush em, floss em.. and take cares of em!
  11. takumi

    Does anyone here use Skype?

    i do.. but i still prefer msn
  12. takumi

    The Best thing in the world.

    hahaha.. same here dude =]
  13. takumi

    Chinese Culture

    try the uni of sheffield chinese society http://www.shef.ac.uk/~chisoc there e-mail is chi.soc@sheffield.ac.uk

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