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  1. Thanks Moonbird. I must have had blinkers on when I posted.
  2. We have just taken in a stray cat. He is a young tom and we would like to get him snipped before he starts adding to the local cat population. Is there anywhere that is offering free or subsidised neutering at the moment?
  3. Well, I have now had a response from the Operations Director. "Dear Mr *****, I have spoken to *******, our manager at the Yellow Lion regarding your complaint, as I promised. If you recall I responded to your complaint immediately on receipt on Monday evening and stated that I would respond as soon as I was able to speak to *******. I was very disappointed, therefore, to read your comments on the Sheffield Forum website, before I’d had chance to explain and apologise properly for your visit. As a customer of a business you are perfectly entitled to your opinions, but I would suggest that you first allow people to courtesy of response before posting to websites. I now consider the matter closed with yourself." It is now patently obvious where the chef/manager got his customer service training. The power of Sheffield Forum.
  4. I'm awaiting a response from the Operations Director of The Pub Peoploe. I'll let you know the outcome. In the meantime, word of mouth is spreading fast.
  5. No, the food wasn't very good, but It wasn't the food I was complaining about. ---------- Post added 25-02-2014 at 22:12 ---------- I've had an email back from the operations director at The Pub People apologising and saying they will follow it up and get back to me.
  6. Sorry for the confusion. It was Saturday night. I started to type this up when we first got home but decided to have a drink instead. Only got round to posting it tonight after being at work all day. ---------- Post added 23-02-2014 at 23:20 ---------- There was no statement on the menu about a service charge. We did tip the 2 staff directly as they had worked their socks off and had to put up with our complaints. The chef/manager did not appear until I said I wasn't prepared to pay the full amount. He immediately became aggressive and said he would call the police if I didn't pay the bill. He even said I was being unreasonable to expect the service to be any quicker when he had to cook for 30 people. He had almost a week's notice of the booking and should not have taken the booking if he can't cope with large parties. ---------- Post added 23-02-2014 at 23:22 ---------- We were offered nothing. No complimentary gesture. Not even an apology!
  7. A word of warning to anyone who may consider suffering the terrible service at the Yellow Lion pub in Aston. This evening I went to the Yellow Lion for a meal, one of a pre-booked party of 30 visiting for my father-in-law's 85th birthday. Seated at 7.30pm, the first meal didn't arrive until about 9.30. By 10pm I was still waiting for mine. Unfortunately, the bad service didn't end there. When it came to paying the bill I, along with my son, tried to explain that we were unhappy with the lengthy wait and, as such, were willing to pay for the food but not the service. About 2 words in, the manager interrupted stating that he 'didn't care' what we thought and that we had 'no right' to question his managerial skills. He then went on to say that it was normal to wait 2 and a half hours for food, implying that the wait was our fault for being such a large group, ignoring the fact that it had been pre-booked with plenty of time to organise better staffing. ( I cannot fault the 2 staff who were working - 1 young man running both sections of the bar and 1 young woman waiting table) To top it off, he threatened me with the police for refusing to pay. The fact that I did not refuse to pay is, apparently, irrelevant. I did pay the full amount (very reluctantly) simply to avoid a scene, choosing instead to take this up with the chain's head office. Needless to say, we won't be visiting The Yellow Lion again.
  8. Singapore butterfly by capnbugganuts, on Flickr[/img] Seabirds at Himatangi by capnbugganuts, on Flickr[/img]
  9. Photography is art! 1/ I like the sky, but the overall composition doesn't work for me. Too many really dark areas and the wall in the foreground leads the eye out of the picture. 2/ I like the mono treatment on this one - A LOT. 3/ Doesn't work for me. Looks overprocessed. The sky and the water colours don't go together. Just my 2pennerth.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. I'll try the suggested crops and see how they look.
  11. Took my camera along to last weeks match. Lighting conditions were very harsh - very bright, very low sun. Anyway, I think I got a few decent shots, but more practice is needed. 1 IMG_1948 by capnbugganuts, on Flickr 2 IMG_1921 by capnbugganuts, on Flickr 3 IMG_1929 by capnbugganuts, on Flickr 4 IMG_1941 by capnbugganuts, on Flickr Thanks for looking.
  12. I've just had a look at your website and there's some pretty decent bird photos on there, so why have you chosen this image to put up? It would have been a good shot if it wasn't for the noise and the grain. I'm afraid these sparrows really ought to be nesting in the recycle bin.
  13. The first picture should come up, then click either the numbers or next button above the pic.
  14. Came across this on T'interweb. Some amazing and funny photos of dogs taken underwater. http://www.cbsnews.com/2300-504784_162-10011624.html Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.
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