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  1. yeah woodhouse is a great area. i know a house that is up for sale in meetinghouse lane.
  2. is anybody watching celeb big bro? im hooked on it and its only the second day. i dont like that donny though. tell me who you like and dislike and why jamie
  3. im from woodhouse near the balmoral nursing home.
  4. just trying to find people i know but dont know on here thats all. if you are from woodhouse tell me. lunnster
  5. i am a coach at the woodhouse fire station. do you need more info?
  6. mine has got to be neil sedaka at the orleans hotel in las vegas. even got to see him round pool for autograph n he knew me by name, now thats cool!!
  7. i dont because im always in the pub. the queen does nowt for me
  8. when is the fight? cant believe they were fighting in the weigh in. come on audley
  9. oh my god. why are we slagging him and dissing him when the dude ant even took charge of 1 match yet. lets get behind him and sing bid brians barmy army!!!!!
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