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  1. Down In The Flood was me. Yes i am guilty of not resizing... thanks everyone.
  2. Just submitted a pic, first time I've entered!
  3. Well, Ive done my fair share. I just dont want anybody running into this eyes closed and getting arrested, getting hurt or worse. It can be very rewarding and and extremely interesting. You get to see things no one will ever see and experience places which you wouldn't normally. The photos I have taken whilst exploring have been some of my best. Just try and bear in mind my advice if you plan to do this, and never go alone!
  4. Just a note guys, If you are off out urban exploring, it can be very dangerous and occasionally illegal. It is almost certainly tresspass, which is a civil offence in most cases, however, if you are caught this can soon be escalated to another criminal offence depending on the circumstances. With regards to the saftey side of things - old buildings, drains etc are VERY dangerous places and I would never advise anyone to go to these places on a whim, unexperieced and unprepared. It's best to start at the shallow end, so to speak (outbuildings, barns), rather than diving in at the deep end (Hospitals, asylums, factories). Its essential to bear in mind that many sites will have security - be it staff, dogs, or equipment. This always spells trouble for inexperienced explorers. Not to mention the threat from junkies and scumbags. All in all, you partake in this activity at your own risk, know your limits, know the law and dont take in stupid risks. Its also best not to discuss these things in detail in public.
  5. haha, i actually have some very similar to these.
  6. Hi, for some useful guides to urban exploration and some great pictures and reports go to - http://www.28dayslater.co.uk, lots of memembers from this area including myself.
  7. This sounds cool. Used to do a lot of UE a few years ago, had a mooch around Middlewood Hospital and a few other places of note, I'd love to know more mate
  8. I'm normally quite up on things like this but this has me baffled. Replaced my Livebox with a Belkin G+ MIMO modem router today complete with USB adapter for the desktop. Ran all the set up according to instructions. Works fine with the Vista Laptop but with the USB adapter and desktop it just doesnt want to know. It wont access certain sites or they take ages to load (EG google search is fine but the sites from the results dont load) Its at the other side of the house to the router but picks up varying signals of good to excellent and the laptop when in the same room, on the same desk as the desktop works fine, no issues with speed or anything. Is this a problem with the desktop, XP or the USB adapter? thanks
  9. Nice work on there Grissom, cool idea too. Mines in my sig.
  10. thanks, yep - nearly got run over taking it
  11. Just returned from a trip to London, please have a look at the photos at - http://www.arrancrossphotography.co.uk/projects.htm thanks
  12. Nothing really jumps out at me from that site there are alot of better companies in the area, they will also provide an album. A CD is ok, but nothing compares to having the physical album. Images on CD tend to get left there, and nothing ever gets done with them.
  13. I use photoshop quite often, for obvious things like increasing contrast and levels, sharpening and B&W conversions. Its really handy when you're working in RAW aswell which i always do. Although it is a useful tool, it's no subsitute for real filters and its definately not a quick-fix for bad photos.
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