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  1. I did a one year access course in Recreation Management in 1986/87 at Stannington, after I got out the army, that in turn got me onto the Degree course in Recreation Management at Sheffield Poly the following year.
  2. I as at Ecco in 1975 and the houses in Lower school were Eagle, Kestrel and I forget the other to but probably other bird of prey names
  3. I am going to be very racist/southernist now. I have noticed here in the States that southerner suddenly acquire a Prince Charles Brogue and when they realize their is another British person in the room they get **** off as they want to be the only one. Personally, I am very flattered that I still have my accent and when I meet another Brit I would like to just stand at the bar (not sit) and laugh about the differences but a lot people get seem to be resentful Anyone else noticed this?
  4. I have lived here in the States 13 years and have had very few problems. Funnily the only snubs I ever recieve are usually from other British people. I live near Proctor and Gamble world HQ and have met some very 'full of themselves', usually with that plummy private school accents execs in the local bars while they are here on business and when they hear my Sheffield accent they can be very condecending.
  5. I was at Angram Bank Junior school, High Green with Marti Caine's son around 1973-4
  6. Well, it's been about 20 years since I left Sheffield but get back every 1 - 2 years. The last couple of times it was in the dead of winter because of family commitments. I know this might sound "Nesh" but I have become a fair weather Sheffielder, it is wonderful place to visit in the summer, long days and beer gardens but I am always a little depressed visiting in the winter.
  7. I did my YTS at wigfalls 1981, and I remember after 6 months I asked my Manager if there was a job, to this day I still hear her words "Oh no we have to get another YTS my boss says it is so great we can get people for free"
  8. I was at the Poly in the late 80's I remember ending up stark bollock naked except for a pair of trainers ...... long long story. So I am stood at the bottom of London road hailing a taxi. Taxi pulls up, Driver said "Got money" "Yes in my shoe" And here I am sat in the back of the taxi hand covering my tackle and the driver didn't bat an eyelid, Just another night for him.
  9. How come when your 18 you can go downtown and get completely bladdered and everyone thinks you are a lad about town .... Do it when your old and your a "Sad Old git" Ageism !!!
  10. I remember him well he was my he was my 1st year form teacher back in 1975 and our class was in the prefabs, I remember they were either freezing cold or red hot hot
  11. So people have never heard of Sheffield, that not my problem it's theirs, it speaks more to the interests and education of people. I went to Def Leppard in Cincinnati last year and mentioned to people around me I was from Sheffield too, there just stared at me while someone announced "They're American". At the other end I bumped into what I can only discribe as a Hillbilly in a bar in Northern Kentucky and I mentioned Sheffield and he was knowledgable and interested as he was an avid knife collector. In fact he put me to shame with his knowledge of Sheffield knife makers and he admitted he had never even been out of the State of Ky. I am from Sheffield and I am famous in my own mind, so that's enough for me.
  12. Can anyone verify Mr. King was killed in a motor cycle accident, he taught a motorcycle safety course when I was there and was always going on about safety ..... before he cracked you behind your ear
  13. Tony Capstick's take off of the Hovis advert http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32eSB0ZRPxQ&feature=related
  14. Hovis..... "Ee by gum when I was a lad"
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