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  1. So. Just to confirm. Bar and grill has shut down? Lol
  2. Bless him, he had more round his face. He was cute. Didn't find this one as successful as hillsborough stadium for me personally. But a nice car boot
  3. I know a person like this, once he stunk the whole call centre out. Impressive really unfortunately i don't think there's a cure for it. He obviously knows what he's doing and likes it. lol
  4. Thanks for everyones reply. much appreciated. I have decided to take him to Drayton Manor - There's a Zoo and Thomas Land is there too along with a few adult rides for when the kids are tired out. I wish i had a back garden big enough for a party though because that would be perfect. i went to my cousins bday party at the pirate ship when my boy was about 1 and where we all sat was the opposite side to where the toddlers section were....which i found annoying. It was ok for people who had kids old enough to run riot on their own. once again thanks. also i take my lil man to Monkey Bizness a couple of times a month, toddler time is only £3 for you and your child on certain days. I know its definately a Wednesday and i think its Tuesdays and Thursdays too. definately worth it.
  5. Good Afternoon I am thinking ahead for my sons 3rd bday. Can anyone suggest where to hold a party? or Take him somewhere for the day. It isn't until July but i have to be organised financially so any suggestions will help Thanks
  6. try dating websites...or google free dating websites. You could try plenty of fish.com.....or like someone else said, go to a forum meet. Even if you just make friends with people, its a step forward. good luck x
  7. u like meeting random people? they could be stalkers or strange people.??!! u hear all these horror stories!
  8. hence why i said "out of pure interest"
  9. out of pure interest did u get anyone to go on lunch with u?
  10. I wouldn't go as far as saying friends. I am friends with a couple on Facebook. But my childs dad is kinda jeckyl and hyde (mind the spelling) he is been ok with me at the moment but that could change (have the nasty txts to prove) i would rather be on friendly terms with them unless of course they did me wrong aka cheating etc. Then why would you want such a negative person in your life. Each situation is different.
  11. I have been txting some one who is younger than me. I am 26 he is 18. Is this a problem??? What are your views on age?
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