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  1. couple of years ago I took my nephew, who was 6 at the time to his first airshow at raf Waddington, managed to get a spot where we could see the Vulcan parked close to the runway, still brings a smile to my face when he was unmercifully hauled up to sit on my shoulders and he saw it taxiing to where we was stood then proceed to take off, to say he was impressed is bit of an understatement, to cap it off, saw stand for dam busters as we was walking back, and two of original pilots was there signing books and he got chance to shake their hands
  2. might be able to help you, will have to ask first tho, if you want to pm me your more than welcome, if i get go ahead, can assure you they b going to good home
  3. have good reason to splash out on fireworks this year, my 6 year old nephew has terminal cancer, so the wife and i have decided to have a big night for him, fireworks, barbie the lot, got them from pagoda bank, bit expensive i know, but u get what you pay for, and the staff there are really helpful
  4. dunno bout diamond necklace, but i know where you can get a pearl one
  5. i drove down there the other day, and did see some trading there, it was like those blokes with microphones trading off back of big lorries you sometimes see at open air markets
  6. i aint sure where brick lane is, but having to go to plaistow, where the excel building is, for past 5 years, i can now do it blindfold
  7. i know a way to the east end, canary wharf area that avoids the m25 if thats any good, also drove down there 6 month after i passed me test, only thing i can say is have eyes up yer backside
  8. only place i can think of is mortons on west street, thats if they aint replaced it with another student bar that is
  9. i had a mr mawson when i was at gleadless middle school in 1980, saw his foto in the star a bit back, hes a prof of summat or other now aint he?
  10. i agree with gibbo, bin on basegreen all me life, very quiet, also 2 min from the derbyshire border
  11. only other way is if you catch either the number 33 or number 1 from opposite hallam fm, (outside the timber yard), theyll take you there, (am now on the buses btw)
  12. from rawson spring road, head to lillys pork shop, then walk between the wednesday ground and hilsborough park, will take you to where you wanna go, bout 5-10 min walk, worked at cornelius on the riverdale estate for 3 years so have good idea where you are
  13. ok ok so i got the name wrong, but had 3 tattoos done there, n thats going back bout 10 - 15 years ish
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