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  1. he well could have a daughter called katy,i dont know havent seen him for years.wherabouts does he live now if u know it may well be the right one.thanks, staffie
  2. hiya all this is staffie,reduced my tablets down over last week,i know ive got to do it .feeling very shaky and tearful.it is only the beggining i know .sometimes you feel like you are on your own.ive got a long way to go.
  3. the michael savage i know would be about50 ish now is it the right one.he came from around hillsborough area.
  4. i suffered with them five years ago i had chronic anxiety and had to be hospitalised.it was dreadful,but im not too bad now i learn to get by.so i completely understand what its like.no one can know what its like until they have had it.
  5. does any one take venlaxine efexor and been on it a long time or a short period what expieriances have you had,side effects etc.do you want to come off it because you feel like you have been on it too long or worried about long term effects.ive been on it for five years and want to lower my dose cause im on top dose.eventually want to come off it.
  6. you have got a point.but overall they should have more powers.
  7. i agree with you.when i was at school the fear of caning was scary so you tried to avoid it at all costs,teachers have no powers these days.i think whats lacking in society today is a good old fashioned clip.
  8. do you think that caning should be brought back to schools as a deterrant.should teachers have more powers.if my child misbehaved badly at school and was causing trouble and was sent for the cane then i think that if he deserved the cane he should get it.
  9. my husband works very long hours driving,delivering stuff.He is expected to work until he has done all his drop offs,yet they put more and more workload on of which he cant humanly do in the specified time.There is no overtime for this as he is expected to finish all his jobs.I am also quite sure he doesnt get the national minimum wage.
  10. looking for my old schoolfriend we went to shooters grove and myers grove together in the seventies.or is there anyone else that attended these schools then.
  11. my blokes 32 and i am 46. Sometimes i get a bit self concious,but in general i dont really notice.He acts older anyway,when we were courting he said he didnt like women his own age.He would sooner go with someone who was expierianced.we have been together 10 years,and married for 8 years. When you love someone age knows no bounds.
  12. younger men who prefer older women or vice versa.I am with someone who is younger than me,and we have been married for 8 years.Any one else out there who is with someone younger or older than them.In my opinion age doesnt matter if you love someone.whats your opinion.Everybodys views are different.
  13. i thought it was real at first,but i think it was all just a big joke really.some tell tale signs for me were some seemed to be acting,and then at the end of the programme it said a screamer productions.its all a crank yanker.
  14. yes i watched the programme tonight. did you see him smurk slightly when trevor asked him did he ever beat his mrs. hes got off on a loophole really,he came across as arrogant . the verdict is i think, he did it.
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