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  1. I have always been interested in this type of photography. Here is my first attempt. i know its not half as good as alot of the images you see online. I was quiet impressed with the final result.
  2. Hi there, I am quiet new to photography. I have uploaded a few images to see what you think and any tips would be fantastic! The camera i am using is a fujifilm finepix s1730. thanks for looking danielle xx
  3. we are thinking about going and playing pool next saturday at cueballs on station road. Had a look for a website but found nothing. Does anyone know weather we need a membership, what prices are like and so on?? thanks x
  4. i live on paddock cres... House is on the same road. been here 16 years. Its not to bad. Its an end house. Nice gardern although very old fashioned
  5. Sheffield aquatics is fantastic. We never go anywhere else. Been back again this morning. He will Answer any questions you hae and give you spot on info! Highly recomended
  6. can you email me pictures to Danielle.j.cox@live.com Thanks
  7. A 2 bedroom, un-modernised house on the arbourthorne?? Buying that is.... Not renting
  8. Hey Forum Im wanting my hair stripped... wondered if there are any hair dressers here that would be able to give me advice. How much is it going to cost me? Where is the best place to go? How long do i have to leave it after its been stripped before i can dye it my prefered colour? Thanks xxxx
  9. thanks... but i was wondering with the weather conditions. Not opening times
  10. Trams aint a problem in this weather. Its the people that abandon cars on tram lines
  11. Haha. So i wasnt the only one tempted to face meadowhell! Just dont fancy going and getting stuck. Would take me forever to get home
  12. Very deep snow here in S2... there goes my plans for today. Glad i aint working today.. Anyone got any ideas what the snows like in strines?
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