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  1. i am sorry if i have been a bit harsh.the music thing just bugs me thats all.cant for the life of me see why people cant use headphones.
  2. people like you,will never understand,that you cant always do what you want to do.what about other people.you have no manners.and what was that(no darling,i aint no prat!).get a life vicky pollard:loopy:
  3. no your just a prat.and proud of it.says it all realy:thumbsup:
  4. somebody else with no common sense:huh: its how you do it that counts.ever heard of talking quietly,or headphones:wow:
  5. as i said earlier,there is nothing wrong with making calls.its how you do it.you can talk in a low voice and have respect for others:thumbsup: the people who play music,have no respect for other people,or themselves.they are scrubbers:D
  6. its friday and saturday.and its brill:)
  7. i have no problem with people making calls.its the music that gets me.like someone else said,how can you enjoy music that sounds so tinny and crap.i think a lot of the morons just do it for attention:gag:
  8. the thing that is driving me mad at the moment:rant: is chavs with mobiles on the bus,who insist on sharing their music with you.have these losers never heard of headphones.its about time this was banned:mad:
  9. thanks a lot you clever people:thumbsup: thats cleared that up for me nicely:)
  10. i get most of my cds from fopp on division street.but for years now i have wondered why it is called this strange name:confused: can anyone help:help:
  11. he was brilliant!!a little bit short set tho(75 mins),an artist with his back catalog should be able to manage 90 mins at least.i know he came on late due to the fire false alarm,but this has been the normal length the whole tour,by what ive read.still its a minor gripe.still buzzin from last night as i write this.my god i would kill to be goin tonight,but its back to work for me.the new songs sounded awesome,ithink this is the best album he has ever made.if you are goin to future gigs on tour,let me know how they compere.lucky buggers!
  12. :hihi: the cannon is like stringfellows at the side of the market tavern.that whole area needs flattening.its like being in dickensian times down there.leave the chippie tho its tops!
  13. still got a load of them back at my mums.might be worth a fortune on ebay:D
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