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  1. Hi all, Just thought I'd make a post about a new Linux distro that I read about in the recent Linux Format Magazine: #! It's built using Ubuntu Intrepid's modules and packages so if you like Intrepid you'll easily grasp #! Is anyone using it and would like to share their thoughts? I've been using it now for two days and it is quite fantastic. Check it out
  2. When you insert the disc into the drive on your working computer does it acknowledge the disc as "Ubuntu"?
  3. Sheffield Hallam's IT Foundary. Google the site. They're Microsoft and Cisco certified Academy, but their prices are hefty - predominantly due to the fact that their customers are employees supported by their employers and due to it being located as part of the uni - thus is has the kudos that'll come along with it. There are other certified Academies, like at Newcastle uni which are cheaper. Either way, Sheff Hallam IT Foundary is closest. FYI - if the certification you are looking for is achievable by self study, you could directly apply for the exams and do it off your own back which again, will be a lot cheaper.
  4. But does your computer boot from disc or floppy, or neither? You have to go into your BIOS setting to make sure. This guide will tell you how to do that: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/installation-guide/i386/pre-install-bios-setup.html. However the wealth of ways to invoke your BIOS screen is huge, so simply restart your computer and carry on pressing "DEL" key. It should take you to your BIOS where you can enable boot from disc. In this guide, once you have your BIOS invoked you want to follow the section "changing the boot order on IDE drives" under "boot device seletion." Once you've done this, save settings and exit (usually F10, and btw you can only use arrow keys, entre button, and escape in BIOS), pop in the LiveCD and hopefully it will boot into Ubuntu from the disc. It will look awful to begin with but your concern is to get those files from your HD so don't worry about that. However if you do feel like switching over to Ubuntu at any point, don't judge it by the aesthetics of the LiveCD as there is a lot of configuring to do before it looks nice.
  5. Get it here: http://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/releases.ubuntu.com/intrepid/ubuntu-8.10-desktop-i386.iso and follow this guide to burn it to disc (use InfraRecorder): https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto. That'll be the disc sorted.
  6. Downloading a copy. You'll need to burn it to a disc properly though - how are you doing that? Where are you downloading it from and in what format? With these LiveCD's you can't just download and burn to disc you see.
  7. Suggesting a Linux LiveCD to transfer as many files as possible to an external HD is excellent advice, Melthebell. However, perhaps you might want to download Ubuntu 8.10 instead, Ash? I'm taking an informed guess that you haven't used Linux before so it might be easier for you to use a more user friendly and popular version of Linux. You can check out which "flavour" of Linux would be right for you at PolishLinux.org. I'd recommend either Ubuntu or Kubuntu, but the choice is yours. I recently got my friend to switch to Linux after their computer encountered similar circumstances, and he's almost wrote off Microsoft now. I understand that at this point you might not wish to do the same, but why not think about exploring another operating system which is free, and less resource hungry (you can run Linux on literally any sh*te PC and it'll be smooth). Plus you'll learn much more about computers too, which is obviously beneficial....
  8. Lol, firstly that's a little wrong, but fair enough you're troubleshooting. Secondly, dumb on their part. The majority of people with unprotected WiFi connections doesn't seem to amaze me. Anyhow, your problem. Let's suppose everything is alright on Virgin's end - the line is fully operational. Your PC (I'm guessing a version of Vista?) connects to a WiFi signal in the area, but not the NETGEAR's. Question: Is the NETGEAR fully connected physically? Make sure all the cables are where they should be before everything else. And use the CAT5E cable (Ethernet) to connect you to the internet before attempting to use the WiFi. Why? Because if the connection is fine physically it should be fine on the radio waves. Also, the router will be on factory settings too which means no security, and you can only set that up via configuring over the ethernet cable. Do you really want someone to use your connection like you have your neighbours?...
  9. No phone. Only internet hence why I'm asking you lot!
  10. I need to take a trip to the Armed Forces Careers Office - is everywhere in town open today?
  11. Well non of us are smokers anyway - not bothered about that.
  12. Hi guys, I was wondering if any of you have been to Amsterdam before on budget and how you have managed it? I'm looking to spend a weekend in January over there for my birthday with a few friends and these things are best planned much in advance aren't they. But I need to know what the best way to get there is, costs and how to make it as cheep as possible. I'm looking to catch the ferry from Hull and that's about all I've planned so far and hotel-wise I don't know. Come to think of it, would a holiday package be best? Cheers.
  13. Playing Tue 27th May, any fans? Got a few tickets earlier from Jacks Records, they're gigging at the Carling Academy.
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