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  1. My friend's next door neighbour lost her dog in the Wincobank area at around 7pm last night. Robbie is elderly and almost blind and is a lovely gentle old man. He is black and tan and is possibly a collie cross. He is microchipped and he has a tag with his mum's phone number on. If anyone has send a lost sacred dog sometime since last night, please let me know and I will get a message to her. Robbie is her world and she is distraught. ---------- Post added 23-01-2016 at 20:36 ---------- Just got the message that Robbie has been found. He had a sleepover with a lovely lady who found him looking lost and disorientated.
  2. If you have a smart phone, there are a number of free apps you can download that would tell you this. Flight radar or flight finder to name two. Just point your phone in the direction of the plane and it will give you the information you want.
  3. Hillsborough Pumas under 13's Orange would like a friendly this Sunday or any evening in the early part of next week as the team they were scheduled to play can no longer make it. We should be able to provide a pitch and would consider under 14's as opponents If you can make it ring please ring Andy on 07788805629. We are also on the lookout for another player or two. Thanks
  4. Just a quick update on this to say that a couple of good standard players are now required and all positions will be considered. The team will be playing in the Blue A division league and they've done really well pre-season but require a couple more players to complete the squad. If interested either PM me or ring Andy on 07788805629. THanks
  5. Hillsborough Pumas Orange had a very good last season to finish third in their A Division and we are looking to strengthen our attack for 2014/15 as we move to eleven aside. The team will play at Hillsborough Arena next season which boasts excellent facilities for match-days and we train at Hillsborough College. The team prides itself on an excellent team spirit, with all new players being warmly welcomed into the team. Ideally we would like a striker but we would consider other positions, so if you think your lad is good enough to play in an A Division team (he doesn’t have to have played for a team before) then please contact Andy on 07788805629.
  6. Hillsborough Pumas under 12's Orange play in an A division of the Sheffield and District league. For next season they will be moving from 9 to 11 aside and in preparation for this we require up to 4 new players in any position. Any player not registered with another club will be considered for the reminder of this, but mainly we are looking to prepare a competitive team for next season. For further information re Training, Playing and Subscriptions then please ring Andy on 07788805629. For this season players must not be registered with any other Sheffield and District club.
  7. I will now be switching stations in a morning. I love Toby's humour and his morning show started my day off nicely. I never tune in when he is off as there is no one who is even half as good as him. Out of interest I have listened to the show this morning and despite the news of his sacking being all over the internet, there has been no mention of it on Radio Sheffield. Paul Walker is good at his sports presenting but really should stick to his day job as the show is decidedly lacklustre and dare I say boring? Get your act together Radio Sheffield and get Toby back in his seat or you will lose many more listeners.
  8. Still looking, although now we will also consider players in other positions as we have a bit of flexibility. The teams doing well, the lads are getting on and we have three great coaches so if you think your lad can play in the A Division then give me a call on 07788805629 (Andy). Players must not be registered with any other Sheffield and District team.
  9. Rest in peace Thavisha. It is times like this that I am ashamed to say that I am British.You came to Sheffield with a bright future ahead of you your life was cut short needlessly by scum of the earth.I'm so sorry for your family's terrible loss and my thoughts are with them at this awful time. x
  10. On the flip side, I have a 2 year old German Shepherd who weighs 8 stone and in the words of a lot of children (and adults) that meet him, 'looks like a fluffy teddy bear'. Arthur is kept on his lead in places where there are high volumes of people as I understand that a dog of this size, off his lead could be quite intimidating to some people. I have lost count however, of the number of times that parents have allowed their children to run up to him to stroke him without checking with me first. One bite from a dog this size could do a lot of damage to a small child. Luckily for them he has been socialised with lots of children (on school runs and football matches) and he is a big fluffy teddy bear.
  11. Hillsborough Pumas under 12's Orange require a striker for this season to help complete the squad. Players must not be registered with any other Sheffield and District team. If interested ring Andy on 07788805629 or PM. Thanks
  12. Hillsborough Pumas under 12's Orange require a midfielder (Central or wide) for this season. If interested please ring me on 07788805629 or PM Thanks
  13. Hi I've never rented out property before but due to circumstances I need to do this within the next couple of months. I have found a suitable tenant, but have no idea about tenancy agreements and the responsibilities of both parties. Does anyone know of a company that offers this service, and particularly what they charge. Thanks
  14. Hillsborough Pumas under 12's Orange still have one spare place for next season in Central Midfield. If interested ring Dave on 07931835843 or Andy on 07788805629. Thanks
  15. Hillsborough Pumas Orange under 12's require one or two more players for next season. We will play in an A division, our home games are moving to Steel City and we will be training at Hillsborough College in the winter. If interested ring Dave on 07931835843 or Andy on 07788805629. Also, as an additional bonus the manager does great deals on car repairs and servicing for parents of the lads.
  16. Hillsborough Pumas under 12's Orange are looking for one or two more players for the new season. Home game to be played in Shiregreen and we'll be playing in an A Division. If interested in a trial contact Dave on 07931835843 or Andy 07788805629
  17. For the 2013/14 season Hillsborough Pumas Under 12’s Orange team will be moving to the Steel City pitches at Shiregreen and they are after a couple more players to strengthen the side. We particularly would like to give opportunities to lads from Shiregreen and the surrounding areas to play for a team in the top division, as this area has sadly been short of this over the years. So if you think your lad could play in this league, then please get in touch on the numbers below to arrange a trial. Players in any position would be considered, we aim to have our trials/training initially at Steel City and we do try to keep our subscriptions as low as possible. If interested please contact Dave on 07931835843 (Team Manager) or Andy on 07788805629 (Organiser) for more information. Thanks ---------- Post added 08-06-2013 at 08:16 ---------- We're still looking for one or two more players. Any positions considered, so if you fancy having a crack at the A Division next season then ring either of the numbers on the opening post. Thanks for reading.
  18. One scooter duly returned to it's owner. Thank you SYP with the help of CCTV.
  19. For anyone living in Wincobank/Shiregreeen today whose son has come home today with a second-hand scooter can I just advise them that the rightful owner has a wonderful image of the child in question. This was stolen from outside a local shop and an image has been obtained of a small child with a Blue hoodie and blue tracksuit, and carrying a white carrier bag taking this at around 7.05 this evening. The Police have been informed and the image of the child circulated to help them with their enquiries. In the meantime if the person concerned would like to return it to the shop they stole it from, then we'll ask them to stop their enquiries. Thank you.
  20. Whoops I should have put that on! It's a Monday night, starting tonight at 6.00 just look for a group of kids in the top right-hand corner and the more the merrier!
  21. For the next 8 weeks there will be free football coaching in Hillsborough Park for 10, 11 and 12 year olds. There will be at least two fully qualified F.A coaches who are CRB checked running the sessions. We aim for the sessions to run for just over an hour, with the first half spent on coaching and the second will be the playing of a game. The session will start at 6.00, down near the car park at the Wednesday ground end of the park. If you require more information then drop me a p.m. Thanks
  22. Thanks Medusa. I must admit that overheating is a bit of a worry. Arthur loves winter and struggles in the summer so I was a little concerned that a coat would make him too hot. The wax jacket seems perfect but as you say, £34 could be an expensive mistake. I would appreciate advice from 'seasoned' GSD owners, thank you.
  23. I have a ridiculously large (but extremely handsome:love:), long haired GSD. When it rains, it takes all day for him to dry and I thought it might be a good idea to get him a lightweight waterproof jacket. The longest one I can find is 30" (75cm) and Arthur measures 36" (92cm) from collar to the bottom of his back. Any suggestions where I can get him one to fit would be appreciated.
  24. Soulgirlie, Lou was absolutely brilliant! She was exactly the same on TV as she is in person. I think (although I am biased) that she came across the best of the bunch.
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