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  1. Blackstock road this morning , turned away three times. Then Longley Avenue - queuing onto Herries Road. Then tried Stocksbridge.. very long queue on main road again. Then High Green, shut all day (words fail me). Back to Blackstock, turned away again. After 2.5 hours driving back home with a full car of rubbish. Just not fit for purpose.
  2. Major incident on Redmires Road - Lodge moor near the new estate at the 51 bus terminus. whole road packed with fire appliances, police cars and a decontamination unit, lots of screens / tents to conceal things. Spoke to a fireman and he wouldn't say whats going on - looks very serious.
  3. I did Tideswell / Buxton / Cat and Fiddle / Congleton on Sunday. Was fine although I did see a Freelander embedded in a wall. All roads seem to have been cleared and gritted well.
  4. Why don't you find some neighbours willing to volunteer as Snow Wardens ? You can't expect the council to do everything, and I don't want to have to pay them to do everything. We got a ton of grit delivered sat morning and I'll ask for another this week. If you want something doing, do it yourself !
  5. I do most jobs on my bikes - learnt everything from a good book (Zinn and the art of mountainbike maintenance or something like that ) and then Youtube videos. Tools ain't cheap though and you have to be prepared for a few minor disasters along the way. The main plus is you don't need to wait days or weeks for a bike shop and you'll also be able to fix it (mostly) when out and about.
  6. Yet another accident here - I saw the aftermath earlier on and hope everyone is OK. I was actually driving up Redmires Road a couple of weeks ago and a car just came out of Blackbrook road very fast - clearly had not stopped at the junction. I warned all the drivers in the house to take care at that spot. I don't understand the problem as the Give Way sign is clearly lit. But given there's a couple of accidents here every year then something needs changing at this junction.
  7. Not at all impressed by Clegg. I assume politicians have some sort of grasp on the economy prior to an election - I can't believe they are so in the dark as to be able to promise to get rid of tuition fees the day before they were (kind of) elected only to find they eventually propose something the complete opposite. Smacks of incompetence or (more likely) a desperate cynical attempt to gain some pathetic foothold of power. I don't like the guy period. Get rid.
  8. It's quite bumpy at the dam end (either track) - but otherwise it should be fine for the most part for a road bike...
  9. Oh that was you I gave a lift to on my bike then.
  10. not superman, but not fit enough to turn around and go back down the hill and find out what had gone on ! No way I was going to lose that height. Anyway someone had to be cut out of the car but the driver managed to walk away. I suspect it was the roadworks there as they are just beyond a bend in the road... so if you miss the sign warning of the roadworks...
  11. Erm not quite sure where you have formed your opinion of the Turin Brakes from. They did some beautiful very quiet pieces, without amplification sometimes and which really seemed to work in the Memorial Hall - which has indeed had a fantastic renovation job. Not quite sure it would be an ideal comedy club but really can't be bothered to get into the usual pointless SF slanging match. End.
  12. I thought it was a great gig.. much underrated band. Would be a better venue if they did without the seating - that seating arrangement might be ok for a demonstration of flower arranging or a school nativity play - but just seems odd for a gig. Other than that I liked the fact I was about four feet away from the band. It was much better at the end when everyone got on their feet. All things considered - it was a great night.
  13. I was cycling up Lodge Lane to Lodge Moor and actually heard the crash. Drove past a couple of hours later on my way to Bamford and sure enough a very mangled looking car at the junction of A57/Rivelin. Looked bad, hope the occupants were ok.
  14. http://www.mapmywalk.com/ will do want you want
  15. Wow - give the OP a break - it can be a very bad venue. I've been to numerous gigs at the O2 and generally they are fine. However the last one I went to (Editors) had serious overcrowding and just too many people on the balcony - you just couldn't see a thing because of the depth of the crowd. We asked the security folk there what the deal was and they basically took a load of people downstairs because they admitted it was completely hopeless. No kids / short people - just an overcrowded venue. Can't believe the "it's your fault/stay at home" attitude on here - the balcony at the O2 is just not acceptable. Shame.
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