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  1. 🤣🤣 Nah, Spout Lane is for when you just nip up to the "local" shops in Stannington!
  2. It was fine to start with, but I haven't been able to see the cameras for weeks now.
  3. Many of the comments on the planning proposal site refer to impact on local traffic, schools and healthcare. I don't have children so don't really know detaisl - are the local primary schools undersubscribed, and could cope with an influx? The documentation is long, and obscurely worded, but they seem to have done traffic flow assessments on Storrs Bridge Lane (as a proposed access to the development), which, if I recall correctly, only goes to the fishery... I think the developers are naively assuming that everyone will cycle, walk, or use the (infrequent) bus service to get to and from town for work etc.., and just nip up to the "local" shops in Stannington. Not that the location will be seen as a desirable place for luxury homes where every household has multiple vehicles, or anything like that. Cos the Brickworks is full of affordable housing as well, isn't it? Oh, and Rodney Hill is their suggested cycle route for accessing Hillsborough. Who's done this evaluation?!!!
  4. Somewhere more accessible by public transport. Somewhere that won't be seen as an "exclusive development" with the houses priced as such. Somewhere that's not in the flood area of a river. NB I don't live very close to this site, I am trying to see the bigger picture.
  5. Not if they haven't considered the impact on local schools, healthcare and transport infrastructure. Malin Bridge one way system is already very heavy in rush hour (pre-pandemic, obviously). I think they have a naive view on the sort of people who will be living there... I found the other thread!
  6. One of my neighbours (backing on to us) keeps pigeons, it's probably someone like that. 🤬
  7. Thanks. I've just been looking for the other thread, and I can't find it! I'm sure I didn't imagine it... I could cut and past my comments into the planning application section 🙂
  8. I think I commented on this a while ago, on the developer's website. I'm sure there was a thread about this already...
  9. Could you sign up for the NHS volunteer service to collect your medication for you? 0808 196 3646 to self refer. In response to the OP, it might depend exactly where you're living, but try Walkley House MC The Crookes Practice Upperthorpe MC Manchester Road Surgery Selbourne (these last two are if you will be up the top end of Crookes) Broomhill Surgery
  10. I have mixed feelings about this. The man is an absolute star, and if more of the population had his attitude towards exercise we would have far fewer health problems, but the NHS should be funded through taxation, not through the efforts of a centenarian walking round his garden! It just allows smug politicians to sit around talking about "embodying the British spirit" whilst quietly taking the NHS apart piece by piece... I believe John Burkhill (the Man with the Pram) has an MBE? Perhaps someone who knows could fill us in!
  11. You turn left at Sainsbury's and go along Claywheels Lane then into Beeley Woods to Oughtibridge. There are some blue signs around the junction of Penistone/Halifax Road and Leppings Lane/Herries Road. Are we talking about the same section? The rough gravel/dirt forestry track through Wharncliffe Woods? I've got 23mm, fairly slick tyres on my road bike (and they are quite substantial compared to some)... Unless it's been resurfaced since I last rode on it.
  12. Do you remove the mask and gloves correctly and dispose of them immediately, and then wash your hands? Are you coming within 2 metres of someone else when you put the bin out?
  13. The TPT through Wharncliffe Woods from Oughtibridge to Deepcar definitely isn't suitable for a road bike, you can probably manage on a hybrid but a gravel or mountain bike would be best. Plus you have to go halfway up Jawbone to get to it 😀 I don't know how far the development has gone - I think the housing developers may have reneged on their agreements to provide walking/cycling routes through the developments, and links between them are difficult due to multiple different landowners. I haven't looked at any updates recently though.
  14. I've tried that, but it didn't work. I have a feeling it's something to do with the flash player. I can see the stills on the twitter feed on the page though, and the Nottingham camera is working fine!
  15. The cameras have stopped working on my computer. Just need to work out why so I can keep up with events!
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