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  1. Or even gay people of either gender? I'm still not getting the point of why mixed gender changing facilities are unacceptable to some of the people on this thread, as they've not really explained. Presumably sharing changing facilities is offensive in case you see someone of the opposite gender 'en deshabille', but if they are segregated and a person is attracted to their own gender, where does that fit in?
  2. Wednesday have a calendar thing on their website, you can download all the home fixtures to your own calendar. You could check if United have the same.
  3. I'm really glad I'm not working today. The area round Endcliffe Vale is in my patch!
  4. My bike is cheaper and more reliable than public transport. I always look for the alternative to driving if I'm going out (not least so I can have a drink 😃) Unfortunately, I have to drive for work, so there's no getting away from the car yet...
  5. Or ask SCCCC's if they could do it - they seem to be able to do most things!
  6. It's a good time of year for "Angry People in Local Newspapers"! I love my uniform. It means I really don't have to think about what I have to wear each day, it does give me a sense of belonging/achievement - I've earned the right to wear it - it sort of identifies my role as well, and even though I definitely work to live, my job is part of who I am as a person. Uniform rules at work are at least as strict as school uniform rules, so school uniform is a good preparation for working life!
  7. My edit (rather than having the whole post quoted) You think being distracted with these activities is comparable to being distracted whilst driving?
  8. Try SCCCC's. They do so much for older people, befriending is one of their services. Also, depending where you live there might be something focussing more locally - there's certainly one in Crosspool - it's called "Care in Crosspool" if my memory is correct, there may be others in different areasl
  9. Yes, which is why I said I have all the home fixtures in my diary so I can plan round them. If, however, they are going to change the procedure on match days, they need to make it clear to road users (whether they live near the ground or not) - my job involves driving around Sheffield, in that situation living near the ground is incidental. For example, when there are events like the half marathon with road closures, we are warned well in advance and staff can plan their diaries accordingly...
  10. The persistent view that cyclists are a different species is quite disturbing...
  11. It wasn't a derby match yesterday either. I have all the home fixtures in my diary so I know when to either not go out of the house at all, or be away from the area all day (unless I end up working on a match day!) If they're going to be closing the road for the whole of the match there needs to be advanced warning!
  12. My road isn't closed. I don't need to go near the closed roads. I need to move the car as the restrictions where I've parked start at 8.a.m. (it was the only space I could find within a quarter mile radius [ish]). Being able to move depends on when the arseholes who are at the festival and have parked their cars here decide to move. I'm just having a whinge!
  13. I think they need to extend the resident's zone further. It's worse than match day on my street, and I don't know when I'm going to be able to move the car back, which I will need to do before 8 a.m. as I've had to park on school entrance marking... Wish I hadn't taken the car now!
  14. Do dog owners who leave their dog's poo lying around never accidentally step in any themselves?
  15. K1 to me meant kayaking! Well done her, if more people showed such determination and physical activity (even to a lesser degree...) the world would be a better place.
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