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  1. Why should everything else stop because one person dies? News reports and obituary programmes are perfectly fine, but rolling out talking head after talking head to say what they thought about him to keep the coverage going non-stop? Isn't that getting a little over the top? Lets face it, one of the few certainties of life is that it will come to an end eventually...
  2. It's always a little sad when someone dies, but I can't bring myself to care all that much. Sounds heartless, but I've seen so many people die over the last 6 months, he's just another one of the elderly people who I don't really know who have died. Radios 2 and 4 were broadcasting exactly the same early this afternoon. I kept switching between the two because I thought I was hearing things wrong! They surely don't need to keep 24 hour rolling obituary opinions going, do they?
  3. I've heard, though I can't quote the source right at this moment, that the risk of blood clot from the AZ vaccine is less than the risk caused by the contraceptive pill, and young women consider that an acceptable risk. Also, Covid-19 itself increases the risk of blood clots. Guidance for primary care services in Sheffield includes checking post-Covid patients are on anticoagulant medication when discharged from hospital.
  4. Sorry! 😂 Must be the relief of things starting to feel a little more normal at work!
  5. Well maybe they didn't need to open their doors because lockdown measures prevented the current NHS beds from being overwhelmed? And they were going to be staffed with existing NHS staff on secondment anyway - there's only so thinly a resource can be spread...
  6. The incident in the OP is an example of the entitled arrogance seemingly so prevalent in society these days, I think. I would like to add, as full disclosure, that I overtook a hearse once. It was on a dual carriageway, and I dithered about it for a bit before I did, but work didn't really give us long enough to travel between clinics to allow for a 20 minute delay following a hearse 😔
  7. We are going to have to live with this virus now, just like we do with flu. The difference has been that this is a new virus in humans and we didn't have any resistance to it. Now there is a vaccination programme which can reduce the severity of symptoms, and is reducing transmission, we can start the return to normal as there will be less impact on society. Whilst I've struggled a lot with my mood in the past year, often with a very negative outlook, it is slowly starting to feel there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I don't have the definite numbers, but it has been feeling lately that we've been discharging more people in transport rather than the mortuary trolley. I think I'm seeing less high oxygen requirements day to day. Bear in mind this is in a very small area, but it's one with the higher risk people in it. I don't think I'll be back to "normal" this year, but at least I might be able to see my parents in the next few months...
  8. Yes. And Covid-19 is associated with increased clotting itself... It's possible to exercise at home, you know. And you can go out running, I've only been yelled at once, in the first lockdown and I got over it. I think I'm at least as fit as I've ever been, if not fitter. It's a case of making the time and effort if you want that to be a priority.
  9. My bold. Interesting. That's not what I thought the 15 minute wait was for - I understood it was to monitor for any adverse reaction, because it's a new vaccine. Everyone had to wait the 15 minutes at the hub I attended, and I would say most of them weren't driving immediately afterwards...
  10. I don't think people are trying to make fun of rats being in the Rose Garden, just trying to give a sense of perspective. I don't think it's easy to contract Weil's disease from solid play equipment - it's most commonly passed to humans when they have been in contact with water contaminated with rat urine - and then you have to be immersed in the water, with an open wound. Is that really going to happen in a play area? You can potentially get tetanus from a rose thorn scratch - younger children won't be vaccinated against that so better keep them out of there just in case. Covid-19 is less transmissible outdoors, but younger children are not known for their ability to social distance, so by all means stop taking them to the children's play area and help get out of this lockdown sooner...
  11. Probably shouldn't let them play in your garden either, just in case. Or let them near any other children.
  12. Oh! 😳 I hadn't even seen this thread! Thank you, @hauxwell. I did sound a bit sorry for myself, didn't I...
  13. You can put your feet up now, sir. May your legacy be the reminder to us all that age does not have to be a barrier...
  14. It's like this every week at Hillsborough (I can only comment from when I do my weekly shop!) The drivers queuing for Macdonalds try and stay well over to the left so others can still get through, but it doesn't always work. Then you have all the delivery drivers parked on the double yellows half on/half off the pavements up to the Garrison and round to the recycling bins behind Morrisons. Chaos
  15. I'm exactly the same. I don't have the flu jab, mainly for that reason, but when the season comes round and we get pressure from work to have it, I'm waking up in the night regularly in a cold sweat, from anxiety. People can tell me all they want "oh, it's fine, you don't feel it" - I flippin' well do!!! Once it's over, I'm fine, and the needle is never quite as bad as I think, it's all in the anticipation. I've had the Pfizer vaccine, and I can honestly say I didn't notice it. I explained how anxious I am, and the possibility I might faint afterwards. She didn't say "sharp scratch" or anything so inane, I was still waiting for it when she said "all done" 😀. Full disclosure - I did nearly pass out about 5 minutes later, when I was sitting around afterwards. Felt it coming on and managed to get down on the floor before I fell down though! It must have been relief! The staff really are used to it! They told me they'd had charge nurses keeling over - and they stick needles in people all the time...
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