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  1. Another one who thinks if they can't see something for themselves it must not be true. Why people should be dropping dead in the street to make this a real pandemic is an argument I can't understand. It's really not just a cold. I can say that from seeing it directly myself, not from the devilish MSM, so does that make it valid?!
  2. My bold. Excuse me? You don't even know what you've written, do you? My point is that bursitis can occur in many areas of the body (well, wherever there's a bursa). Just because you'd never heard of it before doesn't mean it didn't exist until now, or that's its created by this vaccine...
  3. Ah, the old "end of" response. Well that's me done then isn't it, if you've decided it's "end of", - perhaps because, subconsciously you recognise how weak your arguments are. Would it help you to know that I've seen the effects of Covid with my own eyes? Does that make my information as reliable as yours, even though I've seen something different to you (which seems to be the basis of your ideas)? The bursitis could be due to the vaccination, but that can happen with any vaccination in that area, it's to do with where the needle goes rather than what's in the vaccine. Incidentally, trochanteric bursitis is fairly common in pregnancy, perhaps people should stop getting pregnant just in case.
  4. Sigh. My bold. You really don't understand evidence based practice, do you? One person looking around and thinking "huh, I can't see anything wrong so everything must be fine" doesn't stand up against large scale studies with enough numbers to show statistical significance. Mind you, weren't you the one who had never heard of bursitis yourself, so concluded it must be caused by the vaccine?
  5. Oh my good lord. I hope no one was out after dark last night, under those biologically toxic street lights 😳
  6. So, no trams. Buses will be "very busy, so make alternative arrangements". Hmm, what are those alternative arrangements going to be? Guess that's why the bottom of Herries Road looked like match day this afternoon! It's all very well promoting using active travel and public transport to reduce environmental costs, but then it's unavailable...
  7. Of course it is. The fact that it describes what I'm seeing day to day on a lesser scale has nothing to do with it. Of course it is. The fact that it describes what I'm seeing day to day on a lesser scale has nothing to do with it.
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jul/19/i-work-in-an-nhs-covid-ward-and-i-feel-so-angry I think this says it all...
  9. Ah. So you weren't referring to the Facebook post from STH that I referenced (and someone kindly linked to in the post after mine, as I'm technologically inept sometimes). You were referring to something else entirely, that wasn't mentioned in your post or in this thread up to that point. I have also seen many people die of many things, but we're talking about an easily transmissible respiratory virus here. 'Flu season was never this bad...
  10. That might happen in adverts but I'm not sure ethically an NHS trust can use an actor. But if it doesn't suit your view then just ignore it. I'm just sharing information. I assume the "terminally arrogant" was directed at me, as you used it quoting my post. Just shows how wrong you can be when you've never met someone. I've had Covid myself, and had very mild symptoms and am fine now. I have, however, seen many people die with it, and suffer long term effects. But you don't know them, and haven't seen it yourself, so it can't be true, right?
  11. I've only read the abstract, but it supports my thought that it was inevitable that I'd catch it! Guidance at the hospital is that FFP3 masks are only required when performing aerosol generating procedures (and apparently coughing doesn't count as one)...
  12. How very presumptuous of you. I'm actually scared of spiders, needles (or rather, injections), falling from heights and, to a lesser extent, deep water. Fresh air doesn't feature. I'm not scared of Covid either. I'm not trying to force, coerce or shame anyone into doing anything, just giving my opinions. If you feel that way it's your own insecurity. I'd quite like social distancing to continue ad infinitum, really, as I don't like people much and it'd keep numpties with no concept of personal space away from me 😂 I agree with you on this one. The NHS even made posters and a video of how to use a mask correctly (i.e. to maximise effectiveness)... I don't know, I'll have a look if I get chance. I have a skewed view from being at the sharp end and seeing a percentage of the percentage that are severely affected, sorry. And they have that choice.
  13. I think there are several posters on here who will deny anything that doesn't fit their theories. Like those claiming that 99.4% of the population only get mild symptoms and everyone who is severely affected is old/has underlying health conditions (this may be split between this thread and the Covid megathread, it's all getting a bit repetitive). If you're young and fit, how much do you want to gamble that you don't have undiagnosed underlying health conditions that may suddenly materialise when you catch a virus that could be avoided?
  14. 4 weeks ago (or thereabouts) there were only 3 admissions who had Covid... It's also reassuring to know that those who have been vaccinated aren't as severely affected (from what I've seen and heard)
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