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  1. What advice would you give to a friend if they were in this situation?
  2. Never mind the police, don't the parents think it's dangerous? They have to pick their kids up in the car because it's so dangerous near a school, with all the cars...
  3. 1. It's never too late to learn! Sheffield Cycle Boost do free 4 week loans of bikes (regular and electric) so you can try it out, Pedal Ready will teach you to ride and HSBC Breeze offer group rides for people of all abilities with particular emphasis on easier rides to get more people (women) into cycling. 2. If you live in Crookes, Goodwin has a swimming pool which is in easy walking distance, closer than Ecclesall Road. Or you could get the bus into town easily from Crookes to go to Ponds Forge. 3. Does that little thing, as Bargepole asked, mean ignoring the impact on others, or the environment? You have a nice day too, sweetie 🙄
  4. The irony of driving to a gym 😄 A bicycle can cut it, plus you get extra free exercise! Or go to a gym closer to home?
  5. Yep. A comment from 4 years ago came up on my Facebook memories today - that the "rush hour" traffic was non-existent, but traffic through the rest of the day was busier than usual! It was the same today. Takes us all longer to get round our visits. I've suggested trialling an e-bike at work but the boss said no...
  6. This was another reason for me not to get one. I mean, I didn't look too hard at the used electric cars as an EV wouldn't be practical for me due to where I live, but a to get the same model of the car I replaced, the EV was more than twice the price of the IC and 5 times the price of a second hand one (2-3 years old)
  7. I consider myself atheist, but like nothing better than heading down the pub at this time of year to sing some local carols! I don't think too hard about the words, just enjoy the singing, and the atmosphere (and the beer...). Do primary age children analyse the lyrics to every song they sing, or do they just mimic? I imagine those who are indoctrinated into the faith might understand it, but to the others it's just a song you sing in December/at Christmas. Incidentally, the 'Normandy Carol' setting of Away in a Manger is far and away more beautiful than the 'traditional' one.
  8. You're giving people much benefit of the doubt here. I've watched people drive into the advanced stop box when the lights are well on red and they've had plenty of time to stop. I don't think people know what the law is any more. It's like double white lines in the middle of the road, they often get ignored...
  9. But there's going to be a special bus service to the proposed estate! I filled in the comments form with lots of questions, one of which asked if this bus service will be subsidised by the developer, as I think they are being very naive to believe that people who could afford to live in that sort of new development (affordable housing is a very relative term) would choose to use public transport. Don't they know the car is king? 🙄
  10. The problem is when you progress through a junction to turn right, and there are 2 or 3 red light jumpers coming the other way, you end up in the middle of the junction when the lights have gone green for the roads either side...
  11. I would have left home earlier if I'd know it was happening before I set off for work... [as it happens, I didn't get caught up in it because of where I would have joined the queue, I realised something was different and had the option to find another way round. But I'm just making a point :-)]
  12. I'm pretty sure it was open again as I came past about an hour ago, saw a car turn down there (from Catch Bar Lane)
  13. I love this! Every day's a schoolday 🙂
  14. That could explain the noise I heard the other morning around 3 a.m. - my neighbour has a gate that clangs like a bell when it moves (great for me when they leave at 5.15 a.m. :-/) - I didn't see anything when I looked out though, maybe the noise frightened them off...
  15. I've cycled through without being charged. I thought the charge was for car parking.
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