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  1. What annoys me most about motorists is those self-important ones who want to set the world to dance to their tune. You've seen the ones - they drive like they own the road, expect deference from everyone else (including other motorists, because no one drives as well as they do) , shout and argue with them when they don't get it, post footage online (and no-doubt send footge to the police for minor infringements) from their dashboard mounted video-cameras, then jump red lights when it suits them, because they're too important to have to wait. They should be made to have driving licenc... Oh hang on... See what I did there? People are people, on a bike or in a car. If you're an obnoxious tosser it doesn't matter what your vehicle is...
  2. What a wonderful sweeping generalisation, demonstrating a lack of understanding and empathy of the personal situations of so many perfect strangers to you.
  3. My bold. Covid cohort wards at the Northern General (during the height of all the lockdowns). Though I do agree with you (to an extent) on the mask issue. They've changed the guidance now - smacks of shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted... The blue surgical masks are used in operating theatres. There is a degree of protection in terms of reducing spread of particle exhalation.
  4. Upset, obviously. But I wouldn't be advocating them having a jab they didn't need. They (and I) are able to weigh up the risks/benefits and make a decision. Balance that against how I would feel if they died or were left seriously ill from a virus they could have been vaccinated against. As I said, all treatments have potential side effects. For example, the contraceptive pill and even pregnancy carry more risks of causing a blood clot than the Covid vaccination. Yet these are quite commonplace...
  5. Covid has serious issues connected with it but you seem content to ignore all those stories... Any treatment (or vaccine) carries the potential for side effects. It doesn't automatically mean the risks outweigh the benefits.
  6. Level? Have you ever done Hillsborough Parkrun??!!! ๐Ÿ˜† There's a festival being set up there now...
  7. Likewise the treatment was "just" keeping his oxygen levels up...
  8. I told you before and you ignored it, why should I tell you again? If you look back through the thread you'll find it๐Ÿ‘
  9. My bold - Didn't you? I notice you completely ignored my response back then (from the first post quoted here, to be clear), presumably because you didn't want to know that people are actually sick and dying from this virus. Doesn't fit the narrative, does it?
  10. You forget, he only believes the evidence of his own eyes. Yet, when offered first hand experience for his claim that 'no-one on this thread knows anyone who has died from Covid-19', he ignores it...
  11. Just picking up on a few points, without replying to individual posts... Look up pre-emptive prescribing in palliative care. It appears I work with a child abuser, according to some on here. Two of her teenagers have been vaccinated, and the younger one is going to be soon. She's immunosuppressed, and wants her children to be able to go out without bringing home a virus that she's not protected against. Cancer patients are getting treatment. If we only accept direct experience as evidence here, I've recently lost a friend to cancer, and she was getting treatment throughout. Long covid is a thing. There's even a long covid hub in Sheffield. The Guardian is one of the only major newspapers that offers its online content free. Links can be posted that everyone can read because it's not behind a paywall.
  12. I did answer, you just chose to ignore it...
  13. How do you know cause of death in that situation? Were you there? Do you have medical qualifications and can certify death and cause of death? It's possible to be admitted with one serious illness, to then contract Covid and for that to be the actual cause of death, perhaps with the other serious illness as contributing factor.
  14. I don't know why you assume it's the MSM that's told me this. As I said, that section wasn't a direct reply to you, the posts got merged by the forum, but hey ho. Anyway, I know you don't believe MSM or peer reviewed scientific research, so I used anecdotal evidence of what is actually happening here in Sheffield. I suppose that's all lies as well though, isn't it. I can't believe people can be so wilfully obtuse and unable to understand there is more going on in the world than occurs within their own experience.
  15. I didn't want those two posts to be together, as it's not all a reply to Dr Tops, it's there a way to stop them merging?!
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