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  1. 🤣🤣 cheered me up, did that! That's a bloody good archer, mind... Not necessarily. PCR is used when you have got symptoms.
  2. I wondered this myself. We knew this over 12 months ago! Last year, when the vaccinations started for front line staff, STH were determining this by those that were registered for LFT. My manager had to confirm that I (and several of my colleagues) were front line - we weren't registered on the LFT system as we were told that we couldn't start LFT until 90 days after testing positive. So what's changed now?
  3. I think I've felt worse this time than with whatever variant I had last time... This could be tricky. I've got a few, but need to do daily tests to see whether I can come out of isolation. Which I will need to do to get more tests so I can go back to work, but there's a bank holiday so the pharmacies will be closed...
  4. We've thought the same. It's not a prospect I look forward to. I think they'll look at spread of other infections in hospital, see how they haven't really happened and take it from there...
  5. That wasn't directed specifically at you. It seems to be a more general attitude, that older people don't matter as much. I must admit I get a skewed view of ageing, I just try and hold onto the thoughts of older people I see who don't fall into the negative side of that!
  6. Yes, hindsight is a wonderful thing. And despite what I said, I still didn't want to risk passing it on to my (relatively healthy) parents over Christmas.
  7. I'm not frightened of Covid (I'm sitting here with it - currently it's like a bad cold without the snot). I'm also starting to think current thinking is an overreaction: if most of the population (most importantly the vulnerable) are fully vaccinated, and boosted, and we now have effective treatments for it, why are we treating Covid any differently to 'flu? I'm speaking as someone who worked on a Covid ward this time last year, when I was absolutely of the opinion that measures were justified. Also speaking as someone who thinks that the attitude that because someone has a particular number to their age, and are considered 'elderly', that they are expendable - what bobbins!
  8. I'll come and cough on you if you want. I think I feel worse with this than when I had whatever variant it was last year. I also feel really guilty that I can't go to work this week, as I'm letting my colleagues down 😥.
  9. Who says you can't ride when you're older? Exercise is the magic pill for a long healthspan you know... Also, check out research led by Professor Normal Lazarus, on older Audax riders.
  10. Do you use roads that don't go to where you need to go? Or that are blocked by other vehicles? Is this a response to the recent update to the highway code? He says "While there are many responsible cyclists there are still too many who ride with little respect for the rules of the road" Same applies to motorists. I disagree when he thinks it's not about a "war" between cyclist and drivers. He's fuelling an already touchy subject.
  11. Sorry, I wasn't very clear there. The Long Covid Hub is in Sheffield, so it's 850 out of 500,000, or whatever the population of Sheffield is currently.
  12. Symptoms mild, but potentially more transmissible, thereby leading to greater risk fo fruther mutations which mey then have more severe symptoms Getting the restrictions in early until more is known about the variant seems reasonable: it's what they didn't do first time round. Not according to the 850 or so people registered with the Long Covid Hub, I suppose.
  13. He doesn't respond to me or Nikki, as we're both on the front line and our answers don't fit with his narrative
  14. You've routinely ignored my responses to your questions...
  15. There's lots of guidance here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/vaccination-of-people-working-or-deployed-in-care-homes-operational-guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-vaccination-of-people-working-or-deployed-in-care-homes-operational-guidance Particularly this bit: Friends, relatives and essential care givers Friends, family (who also may be unpaid carers) and essential care givers will not need to show proof of vaccination or medical exemption. Visits from family and friends are vital for the health and wellbeing of people living in care homes. It would be unjustifiably detrimental to residents to deprive them of contact with, and care from, their loved ones. Government guidance should be followed on the infection prevention and control measures which should be in place. However, you should probably check with the care home. I've had different experiences with each one, including being made to take another lateral flow test before entering, because the home wouldn't accept the STH recording system as proof of LFT. This is on top of the fact that there was supposed to be an agreement between care homes and the NHS that all staff are LFT twice weekly and don't need to show evidence every visit... CQC are now requiring the homes to record that visitors are vaccinated, though this may just apply to healthcare staff. From the government website it doesn't seem to apply to relatives.
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