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  1. Sorry, my response was a bit ambiguous - I was responding to both the OP and you in one post, and with other information from the thread! Physios are able to diagnose knee problems, and refer on when appropriate. Exercise is the recommendation for early states of arthritis (as I linked to earlier). You can refer yourself to NHS physio as well - though to be fair, I'm not sure that's happening in Sheffield at the moment...
  2. Physios can be first contact practitioners and you may not need to see a GP at all, especially as you've had an x-ray already!
  3. Cycling to and from work is an easy way of getting exercise into your day, especially for those who complain they don't have the time! I used to cycle home from work in Barnsley, because it was much more pleasant than driving home and going to a spin class, and took about the same time... NB I know this won't work for everyone, but haven't we already had someone on here who said she has taken up cycling and feels much better for it (and IIRC described herself as "not fit/your typical cyclist or something like that?) Thanks! That's why it makes no sense 🙂
  4. You sound a bit like a petulant child with you first sentence, IMHO. As do the other posters who have said the same/similar! I don't know who the council consulted on this project, but I don't understand why that bit of Shalesmoor needed to have one lane made into a cycle lane, when cyclists can just go through Kelham Island? That's what I do when I need to go that way. Why didn't they just block Alma Street off to through traffic (I know they have done it as part of this scheme - I mean just do that without the other bit)?
  5. Exercise is the answer. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/osteoarthritis/treatment/ Go and see a physio for advice!
  6. NHS staff who need to use the FFP3 masks have to be clean shaven, or they don't fit effectively. Given that the face coverings are just a shield and virus particles can get around the edges anyway, I don't suppose it'll make that much difference...
  7. One member of my cycling group has encouraged us to cycle along there "even if it's out of your way" to show the council that there are people who ride bikes and need space to do so safely. My attempts to reason with this "logic" appear to have been entirely misunderstood. We need to encourage people onto bikes, or at least away from the "slave to the car" mentality and get them thinking about other means of transport, being more active, but provision for cyclists needs to be logical, not just a random sop to use up money! There are already enough cycle lanes that are useless... Educating people to recognise that all road users have equal right, and being in a car doesn't make you better than someone else, would be more helpful (but then I guess there's always some who will think they are more important than everyone else).
  8. Although, apparently, Austrailia (in their winter now) are seeing much lower than usual cases of 'flu...
  9. Every day? I see people with it just over their mouth, or hanging under the chin (often so they can have a fag!). People constantly touching the face covering, so anything that's on there gets transferred to their hands. Using a face covering properly includes how you take it on and off...
  10. I'm not sure that on RVR is meant to be a cycle lane - it's got rumble strip pain to segregate it, and no indication anywhere in the way of signage that it's supposed to be a cycle lane. And as you say, it's "sections" - what do you do in between them?! Cycle lanes are often not fit for purpose - indeed there used to be a section of Warrington Cycle Campaign's website dedicated to them! They seem to have stopped updating last year, but it's still entertaining. http://www.warringtoncyclecampaign.co.uk/facility-of-the-month
  11. Wasn't it originally thought to be unnecessary to be made mandatory (by the WHO) because social distancing and handwashing is more effective than masks? And because wearing a mask gave people a false sense of security so they didn't follow other guidelines? The masks will be most effective if used properly - not the way most people seem to be using them...
  12. I'm a cyclist. I love cycling. I'm also quite passionate about exercise being a big part of the solution to many health problems and allowing people a longer healthspan (if not lifespan). I would love to see more people on bikes, more people choosing active travel and not being a slave to the motor car. Even I can't see how this charade at Shalesmoor will help though! You can get from one end to the other by going through Kelham Island anyway. There are jobs and services that rely on car transport (me sadly being one of them just at the moment). Cutting capacity on the ring road is not going to help. In fact, it will probably inflame the motorists who already think cyclists shouldn't be on the road. Also, I like the fact that some posters on here recognise that the road system is for every user, not just cars, and one is not more important than the other. If only most motorists thought like that...
  13. Or just look at a map...
  14. Mine has. I don't know the full details yet as I don't need them at the moment but I shall be finding out in due course!
  15. I like this one. I'll have to remember it and try it out! I kept one on for a while because I was on my work laptop, and I "couldn't understand" why the call was coming from Microsoft when everything has to go through my IT department. Even got through to a supervisor with that one!
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