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  1. belks was one big play ground from clocking on to clocking off, lucky if i worked an hour a day. just got mucky to look like you was doing something and old man john vander was an ok gaffer. wonder if dots still alive she fed me every day for free.
  2. i can helped them move there number 75 i think it was
  3. senior moment more like a Jackanory moment made me laugh
  4. true and where theres muck theres money, nicking all that copper and lead piping from the houses that they where knocking down,
  5. living in the slums wernt that bad we had a mobile bath. and silver fish races. and a trip once a week to page all for a real bath. but they stopped me going there as i put a permanent ring round uncles bath, happy days SORRY aunty mags for ruining ya bath
  6. theres more profit in the cannons. if we had not been ripped off
  7. i went to sunday school once on zion lane and was thrown out:hihi: ---------- Post added 06-05-2015 at 11:16 ---------- clock maker was just up from the baths on the left
  8. i was always nicking your mothers mint from over the wall, and drove a viva
  9. i only knew marian and her son and daughter. marian was a nice lady last time i saw marion she had moved in to a flat near medowhall
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