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  1. Mod note This section is not for quotes. for quotes, please place your request in classifieds, under "Jobs", to comply with Forum rules. thanks
  2. Hi Thanks for the suggestion just about to phone them. Regards Scott
  3. Hi Just a leak in the kitchen and its ruined the floor and a few of the units. So am looking to get a quote to have the kitchen taken out the floorboards taken up and new boards installed i will then need the units putting back in place and the floor re tiling. The leak as also damaged the floor in the hall so i will need the boards taking up and replacing in there also. Can anyone recommend a good company? Cheers
  4. Hi Everyone Does anyone know of a mobile mechanic.
  5. Hi Guys Does any one know of a car body shop in Dinnington or close to it. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. I run 1clickcanvas.com and would love to do your prints, pm me with the size you need and I’ll get you a price worked out.
  7. Cool I didn’t know a bear’s ar5e became rougher when it dies.
  8. Just took part in this and had loads of fun, I was one of the flying mankinis.
  9. it's how idiots pronounce Asked!!!
  10. I did the same thing with a can of larger, left it upside down for a few days and the only problem i had was sticky keys.
  11. AVG Free and zone alarm have been working fine for me for years.
  12. I stopped using winamp a year or so ago and have been using media player ever since.
  13. I use 02 and only have good things to say.
  14. Yep that’s Mernessa's Fitness Academy, in carver house. I work @ http://www.1clickprint.com in carver house we designed and printed the flyers and posters. For info you can call Mernessa on 07872 345316 or email @ mernessa.mann@sky.com. I can email anyone interested a copy of the flyer as a jpeg it has some info on which I can’t be bothered type up here.
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