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  1. Hi all Just a heads up to trades people. I had a Stihl BR 420 back pack blower and a Stihl HT 101 long reach chainsaw stolen from my locked van on Highton Street Walkely around lunchtime yesterday. Police think they used a 'blocker' to ping a signal from my key fob to open the van.
  2. I'm looking for recommendations for tonne quantities of good quality screened local top soil to be delivered to various different areas of Sheffield. Has anyone used anyone local they were satisfied with for quality and price? Many thanks.
  3. This is happening again in Sheffield. My transit got done around Kelham Island area in June and my mate's transit got done last night on Sharrow vale road.
  4. Sadly not Chez, unless marked by my blood sweat and tears counts ?
  5. Just got turned over today. They took a Stihl HS45 hedgetrimmer and a Stihl MS250 chainsaw out of the back of my van. The van was parked way down a clients drive with the back doors facing the clients garage. There were 4 of us working on site at various locations. None of us saw anything and we only spotted them missing when we did a 'stock check' at the end of the job. We were on Prospect Road at Bradway. I'm going to work for the next two weeks just to get the money to replace them. Really wish I'd seen them doing it. It's really low to steal the tools of a man's trade and prevent him from working. Please all be vigilant. Basil / Acerspades.
  6. Hi there My GF was unable to create an account using her email address, which is fine for everything else. The message she received was - " The administrator has banned your email address. You will need to change your email address in order to continue. If you think this is done in error, please click here to contact the administrator " Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Hi Sara Not a competition but this might be of interest - http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=570120&highlight=karaoke
  8. Sheffield based ROCKAOKE are the UKs original karaoke rock band, inviting their audience to live the dream by jumping on stage, grabbing the mic, fronting their own live rock band and getting a crowd going crazy. ROCKAOKE have performed with over 25,000 different lead singers - all wannabe rockstars and some actual superstars like Justin Lee Collins, Alexandra Burke, Peter Andre, Chris Moyles, James Corden, Jeremy Clarkson, Kaiser Chiefs Ricky Wilson etc... And now on 05/05/2010, ROCKAOKE are set to make their hometown debut at THE BOARDWALK - don't miss your chance to be a rock star! "Most fun ever? We reckon so" - TIME OUT, LONDON "Karaoke's much cooler older brother" - SUNDAY TIMES "It's such a good idea! Get a band - and then you do karaoke" - CHRIS MOYLES THE BOARDWALK, 39 Snig Hill, Sheffield S3 8NA £5 admission - £3 students and concessions. All proceeds donated to support Thomas Rotherham College students South Africa project in association with Operation Wallacea. Reserve tickets and sign-up to sing online at http://www.rockaokenights.com/boardwalk. web: http://www.rockaoke.co.uk facebook: http://www.rockaoke.co.uk/facebook
  9. Google ' Laterooms ' for reduced price hotels and ' Travelzoo ' for reduced holidays / hotels / flights etc.
  10. Nar then Mr Cohen fancy meeting you here! You will know me by the stick. You enjoyed your ride in my car. We have enjoyed copious beverages between us. Forgive the cryptic nature of these musings....... i figured we wouldn't want to publish our real names ' Gervais ' and ' Anakonda " on a public forum. oops too late. Hope you're ok mate Some good music up there folks.
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