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  1. yes it is she worked there for a while.
  2. yes I do mean her she died in june this year, she was my nan miss her soooooo much xxxx RIP XXXXXX SHE LOVED HER GOLD FISH BOWL LOL
  3. hiya, does anyone remember big brenda from walkley, she also was the lollipop lady for walkley school for years, origanaly came from wybourn.
  4. my mum is married to one of the mosleys who lived on woodland street and she lived on lived on freedom road as a child and went to walkley school, my nan was the lollipop lady for the schools for years.
  5. Can anyone reccomend a company for young male driver the quotes we have had are just stupid,
  6. to be honest m8 i think u need to wind your neck in if u dont like the radio station - hallam fm u dont have to listen at the end of the day its everyone to there own and like i say if u dont like it u dont have to listen, think about what u post before u post it (this isnt a dig at u)
  7. does anyone know if this is on tommorrow ?(bank hol mon)
  8. anyone tell me the opening times over bank holiday for the tip at shirecliffe thanks:thumbsup:
  9. jenkin hill i would saay hagg hill is the steepest
  10. best curry = down ecclesfield other end of the shops where the coop is across from ball
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