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  1. Hi guys, I'm sure some of you have heard already, but Bison are looking for a new drummer. We've been together 4 and a half years, and have built up a massive reputation. We have played all the festivals, including 7 gigs at Glastonbury Festival amongst others, including the Rocket Festival in Spain. If you know any experienced drummers or are up for a go yourself then have a listen to our stuff on our website http://www.allhailthebison.com or http://www.myspace.com/allhailthebison or find us on facebook and let me know through here if you want to come and have a jam with us/meet for a pint to discuss it. Mimi x
  2. Bison are looking for a new drummer, check out http://www.myspace.com/allhailthebison or http://www.allhailthebison.com or find us on facebook. if interested then give me a message on here! Mimi x
  3. Hi, I have a gig in bristol tonight (BISON) in an old police station, and wondered if anyone is going down and has a couple of spare seats, obviously can chip in with petrol etc, and you'd be welcome to come to the party too! If anyone can help, then give me a bell on 07709125490. Ta Mimi
  4. I am looking for a lift share basically as I need to get to Brighton soon, in the next couple of weeks for an audition which could mean huge things for me. I dont drive but can chip in petrol money and I'll cook you a nice meal too! If you can help or know anyone that can then PLEASE give me a ring on 07709 12 5 4 90 Cheers guys Mimi x
  5. i dont think they rent saxophones out.
  6. i see you have a tenor sax player already but if you fancy another to beef up your brass section instead of a bone then im your gal. it can be done with good arranging ;-) Mimi x
  7. Hi there, I have a limited amount of spaces going at the moment. Here's my biography for a bit more about me. If you are interested, have any questions or want a chat then feel free to pm me. x Lindsay O'Malley Clarinet and Saxophone (Sheffield) An enthusiast in all styles and genres of music, Lindsay also boasts a prestigious education from Chetham's School of Music and an unusually varied CV. Lindsay was born (1985) and raised in Sheffield, where she began learning the clarinet at 7 and quickly became a stalwart of many ensembles run by Sheffield Music Services. Recognising her talent and dedication early on, Lindsay was encouraged by her teachers and family to move to Chetham's at 14, where she took clarinet and saxophone as joint first study instruments, studying with Joanna Patton of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and CBSO and Jim Muirhead of the Hallé. During her time at Chetham's, she played principal clarinet in the Symphony Orchestra and led the Big Band, winning awards at BBC and Boosey & Hawkes competitions. With her saxophone quartet, Lindsay also enjoyed the opportunity to play for "Mr Boddington" of brewery fame, and Prince Charles! In 2003, Lindsay started teaching privately in Sheffield and Barnsley. She worked at Gymboree in 2004, running "music and play" sessions for 0-4 year-olds. Subsequently, she worked for a year with Sheffield Music Services, teaching flute and clarinet in several local schools, both to individuals and in full classes of 30! A true eclectic, Lindsay loves folk sessions (she's played at folk festivals in a family folk band since age , improvising and gigging. She plays with Sheffield ska-reggae band Bison and funk band Grey Cooper Love Party. She also played at the 2007 Glastonbury Festival and is playing Glastonbury again this year. She played with Lee Scratch Perry at Endorset in Dorset festival 2007 also. You may see Lindsay starring with local DJ artists, as well as playing with orchestras such as Sheffield Symphony.
  8. hi ponynova I teach clarinet and the sax, its best if you pm me and I can answer questions there. If any of you guys need catch up tuition, if you haven't played for a few years then I can ease you into it and help you along with a few lessons. Just give me a pm and ill get back to you. I teach up to diploma standard and have a lot of experience in playing and teaching. x
  9. hayley I teach clarinet, give me a buzz on 07709125490 if you have any questions as its a lot easier to speak on the phone! Lindsay
  10. if you need some vocals im interested mimi x
  11. Come down to the Ruby Lounge on Carver Street for a night of house music with live sax and percussion and the Slammin Boys all the way from Manchester! Only £2 to get in, come show your support! Mistress Mimi and Bongo Bert I have ten guest lists so pm me if you want one asap!
  12. Hi, my name is Lindsay O'Malley and I have been playing music for 14 years, having studied at boarding school and at the Royal College of Music in London. I play a variety of Classical, jazz, Folk, Ska, Reggae and funk styles. I have played at a few weddings, and I can either choose a programme to suit you or what I prefer to do is ask you what some of your, or your partners favourite love songs are. I then have a consultation with you briefly to talk through any problems or thoughts and play you a couple. This can be months before, just so to make sure we are all happy and the gig is booked. Then I will meet you on the day and either play in the corner out in a garden somewhere after the speeches, or whatever suits you. If anyone is interested in meeting me to talk about me playing at your wedding then feel free to pm me and we can have a chat about prices and availability. I am taking bookings for next summer. But may be able to fit you in this summer. Alternatively I play with a Saxophone Quartet and also a 11 piece ska band who all take bookings. Lindsay
  13. can anyone on here help me out ? Mimi xxx
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