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  1. BNot as yet.. the problem is that, because of hills, parts of Sheffield, such as Intake get their signals from the Belmont Transmitter the other side of Lincoln - and the signals are too weak to get here with a fll range of channels on digital TV (or analogue C5, either). The local Crosspool Transmitter or Emley Moor can't be received in many parts of SE Sheffield. Hopefully, when analogue is switched off, the power of the digital channels can be increased.
  2. Talking about ropey staff in establishments - where did I see this joke the other day? Young lad is called to the Jobcentre for interview, as he's been claiming benefit for ages... "Why aren;t you working?" "Well, I'm scruffy, spotty, with no people skills. I can't spell or add up either, and all I do is grunt at people" Says the youth. "No one wants me" "Oh, don't despair" says the Jobcentre bloke. "Macdonalds are looking for people JUST like you!"
  3. DSaw a warden in Swallownest for the first time EVER the other day.... What is the world coming to?
  4. As a longterm immigrant from Lincolnshire (which doesn't really have an accent, more a dialect) - I've been here for 17 years or more - the accent stuill intrigues me. The latest one is "Tinternet", meaning the World Wide Web, as in "Ah gorrit off Tinternet" You don't hear the old Sheffield "Neet" for "night" so much now.. as in "Ah'm on neets" "Sumonemz gorragerroff" - said at a bus stop as an overcrowded bus came to a halt. "Well, Trays, ahyer gonna dewin then, terneet?" said by one teenage girl to another, enquiring if she felt ready for a fulfilling physical relationship.... "Tantad nowt dunnatit as I nose on" Meaning "This car has never been crashed to my knowledge" But I do like the laidback dry humour - which is why I'm still here... "How do you tell when a Barnsley girl has an orgasm?" " - she drops her chips!"
  5. Too right. Am off to Sunny Scunny on Monday night to see the Conference team cup meet..
  6. Another post apparently in Serbo-Croat..... Go on then - tell us - what the hell is seithr? Some obscure computer game? A devious practice involving whips, blindfolds and rasperry jelly? Somehting you probably only do at full moon when you've forgotten to take your tablets again?
  7. I have to say I didn't understand a WORD of that - is it written in Serbo-Croat?
  8. I live near J31, and go over to see the girlfriend who lives in Donny, just off the Wakefield Rd. 30 mins door to door most days. Get on the M1 at J31 by 7:15am, though, or it takes another 10 mins extra. Everything on theM1 grinds to a halt then - and just getting on at J31 has long queues. After 8:30am, it gets better. Revese at teatime not so bad. Getting off the M18 at J3 for Lakeside can be a bitch past B & Q - all queued up there.
  9. Would have thought a 10 kilton Nuclear Device set off in Burngreave would do about a million quids worth of improvements...
  10. Mmmm. sadly, due to Captain Andre Compton getting injured in a race in Sweden on Tuesday , we got hammered down in Kings Lynn losing by 63-32 approx (I was so depressed I can't remember the actual score!) Most Sheffield riders turned in lacklustre performances - Ricki Ashworth falling off twice, for instance. (Benji Compton falling off is such a routine occurrence that it doesn't really merit a mention!) However, Thursday's meeting at Owlerton was much better - again, sadly, without Andre. Ricki Ashworth, replacement captain, was on top form, and stalwarts Kyle Legault and Emiliano Sanchez performed well. Paul Cooper had a disappointing night out - pity, because two weeks ago against Glasgow he was performing really well. Ben Wilson did better than usual too. Benji Compton - what to say about Benji? The lad is only 19, and really isn't up to the standard required for a Premier Leauge team. He several times nearly missed his races altogether by not getting out to the start on time! Perhaps asleep in the pits? But he really tried his heart out on Thursday. Fell off twice through pushing to his absolute limits. The second time, he was in third place, and held off a much more experienced rider for 3 laps, for a vital point.. but overcooked it on the last corner, and slid off. Better that than just tamely getting pushed into 4th place for zero points, say I. I did warm to his efforts at the end.. Sheffield won the meet by three points, but Kings Lynn took the trophy. All the races were close and exciting.... A good night.
  11. My son has a large-ish motor home, and tows a small Honda car behind it when they go off. There's a sort of towbar fitted, which makes the car follow the motorhome. So, they can park up the motorhome and use the Honda to be mobile locally.
  12. I see Sheffield Tigers are playing two legs of the League Final This week. They're Away to Kings Lynn tomorrow, and then the 2nd leg is at Owlerton on Thursday night. Gonna be there, last week's match against Glasgow was brill! Don't miss it!
  13. I've had a full-thickness one for a couple of years. They're very comfortable I find, as they mould round you. The girlfriend doesn;t like it much, as she's used to a much firmer one at home. Says she feels trapped in it, as it moulds round her! Only snag is - it is very hot in hot weather - it insulates so well you feel hot and sweaty where it fits round you.
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