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  1. This is true. George W. Bush was commonly seen wearing a suit but he illegally invaded a country and killed thousands of people because of that. The last lot of vicious idiots were wearing US marine's uniform. I'll go with the T shirt any day of the week.
  2. That is exactly what is happening. A man who has committed no crime in the UK, nor committed any crime anywhere where US law applies, is being kidnapped by the US to face trial for no crime. Of course the US are used to doing this so they probably think they're right to do it. To hell with this daft agreement and stuff anyone who doesn't like it.
  3. Thank you. Its not hard work because I'm far the brightest member here and I'm always right. I'm, by way of a bonus, handsome and sexy with it. You however, are less than bright as that comment shows. My post insulted a lump of worthless cloth with a bit of scribble on it, not any person or poster. Your post was a personal insult. Pot calling the kettle black comes to mind?
  4. Utter crap. Make sure you pack up the fags, preferably the booze and change your diet to rice with mostly veg but a little meat. Then take up a light martial art such as tai chi and learn how to control your body. A decent instructor will teach you the ability to control your heart rate and blood pressure as my doctor was somewhere past shocked to find out. I'd had an accident one day but was in a rush to get moving to do a job. it was just a few stitches in my head so I wanted him to get off his fat arse and be a doctor so I could get on with what I wanted to do. That 'well man' rubbish was all the rage at that time so the quack insisted on taking my BP. Of course it was high; I was running around like a silly bugger to get the job done so, upon his comment about it "Being a little high", I turned it down and asked him if that was better. He looked like a goldfish with an especially stupid expression. You can also have fun with the electronic BP machines. They can't handle the up/down changes you'll learn to do. ****** the quacks off no end.
  5. I'm not known for my subtle bending of the truth to be nice to someone. The last photos I noticed on here were a pile of dog crap and I said so. Worse because they were supposed to be pro and were trying to sell their rubbish to posters. They were truly crap. Yours are not. They're interesting and you clearly have an eye for, and an interest in, what you do. A bit of something for everyone in those pages. I wish you every success and hope you get the fame you desire and deserve.
  6. Corrected the post for you. Everyone knew such countries were cooking the books but the big powers were all pushing for the same stupidity so let them do it.
  7. The US flag code states where, when and how their crappy flag can be displayed. Of course their flag is just a cheap rip off of the colonial flag that had the Union flag where the stars are dumped now. It would seem, disrespect to that symbol of world arrogance is a naughty no no. I, as many of you will be aware, am a capitalist. That in mind, I'm going to get some stars and stripes bog roll printed with "Free UK political prisoners held in the US" printed over their crap flag. I say "crap" because, being toilet roll, it will be used as a receptacle for receiving, holding and carrying crap. It will get soiled but I'll try to get reasonable quality paper so it doesn't tear. That may result in the need to clean under your fingernails.
  8. But he didn't stream anything, didn't steal anything, didn't break any UK laws and his actions were carried out in the UK . None of this was in America or used American based technology. Why should the arrogant US of Arseholes be able to apply their laws to the UK?
  9. The mood here seems pretty much one minded. So, how do we set up a petition the government must act upon? or has someone done so and it was totally ignored?
  10. Blair got well paid for his arse licking the US, did Shaw?
  11. Shhhh - The FBI will be after them. Oh, hang on...is youtube American owned? Better just tell them to be careful then. Sod off, US of arseholes.
  12. I do believe he did something wrong but that doesn't mean I agree with this demi legal kidnapping. http://www.zeropaid.com/news/93775/british-student-faces-extradition-to-the-us-for-linking-to-copyrighted-material/ There was no apparent crime the UK authorities are concerned enough to arrest him for and absolutely no US involvement on his part. He linked to sites where copyright material was available (wrong in my opinion) but held none on his own site. He may have bugged Hollywood but that doesn't mean he should be sent to a foreign country for crimes they claim he committed in the UK, not in the US of Idiots. In conclusion. It is my opinion the US are trying to be the world's policeman, insisting their law is the only one and claiming authority over British subjects. My message to the arrogant US, "sod off".
  13. I assume you mean allowing a dog to attack sheep.
  14. All this smoke and no one seems to be pressing the protesters about the probable eviction order on its way. The protesters are quoted as saying the church is unwilling to talk but they duck, dive and ignore the elephant in the room.
  15. What is all this rubbish about shooting in the air? A dog has proven it's willingness to attack the sheep, the owner has proven himself incapable of keeping the hound under control and posters want to give it a second chance to kill. Drrrrrrrr.
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