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  1. Looking for a reliable quality joiner to add a double glazed window pane and 'thicker' wooden panel to an exterior door. Recommendations greatly received! Emma
  2. Is his face half white/half black as in pretty much divided down the nose? Long hair, mostly black on top and white underneath? It could be mine, he went wondering about 5 months ago and no one had seen him. He has a gammy eye sometimes. If so let me know whereabouts you are and I'll come searching for him.
  3. My friends cat has gone missing, from around heavygate road area s10/6. He is chipped. Been missing for a couple of weeks now. He's small but adult, half white half black face. Predominately a black boy with white patches. He's very shy so might be hiding under hedges in people's gardens. Any info appreciated, call Jill 2664508
  4. Long hair tabby cat with a white chin. He's been missing for a couple of weeks and it's very out of character. Very friendly and approachable. He's neutered and wasn't wearing a collar. He is microchipped so will be traceable if found. Crookes vets are aware he is missing and sheffield RSPCA. Any sighting gratefully received.
  5. My 15.3 black thoroughbred mare is up for part loan. She is well manered and good to handle. Would suit a confident novice or above. Enjoys hacking out and schooling sessions. Will hack out alone and in company, she is 100% in traffic. 2/3 days and some financial contribution. Kept in S6 Get in touch if interested.
  6. Hi, Looking for some advice, my boiler has stopped heating (water and CH). The flame is still lit and it sounds as though it is starting up when I turn on the hot tap. Just no hot water. A friend said it might be something to do with the fan? Any ideas?
  7. A postgraduate student of Developmental Psychology at Sheffield Hallam University is currently undertaking a research project that is looking at word finding difficulties and experiences of the tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon. The study is based on previous research which suggests that providing information about the word (such as synonyms or related information) can assist word retrieval. This research will look at whether phonology (sound) is important for relieving tip-of-the-tongue states. The researcher is looking for a group of older age adults (70+) who would be interested in taking part in this study and is hoping to collect data in mid to late June/early July. All participants will remain anonymous in data collection and analysis. If you are interested in taking part in this project or know of individuals who might be, please would you contact me by PM with e-mail contact details. Criteria for participants is: 70 years + OR 20-30 years To have completed eduction to 16 years minimum (undergraduate degree level for 20-30 years) To have no major health complications or learning difficulties
  8. Thanks for the info, ill have a wander around the area, he is young and adventurous so might well have wandered so far that he's got lost! I'm hoping when it starts to get cooler hell realise home is a nice place to be.....!
  9. Hi all, Our cat has been going missing a lot over the past few months.... It started during the hot weather in June when the BBQ's came out! Since then he has been back briefly every 10 days or so, but we miss him if he comes home when were at work. Last time he came home he was looking very skinny and had lost all his people skills, always growling and hissing when we came near him. He's a stripy tabby with a black collar with rather fancy diamanté studs on, he's quite small and short haired. We live around the bottom of Springvale Road in the S10/S6 border. If you think you have seen him it would be good if you could let us know, we do miss him so!
  10. Sounds like the right kind of place, ill try and pop along at some point and have a nosey. Don't suppose you know how much the weekly DIY is?
  11. Does anyone know of any good DIY/Part DIY livery yards close to S10? There's plenty of threads but im looking for somewhere very independent, ie a field with a stable, maybe an arena but thats not important with all the larger schools around. Ta
  12. Im getting a couple of minor things fixed on my car, my normal mechanic isnt around so im forced to use nationwide just to get it done! 1) The plate that holds my battery in has rusted and no amount of man power will loosen it so it basically needs the bolt sheering off and replacing2) I also discovered that the bonnet wont secure properly, it will catch on the safety catch but not the actual pin lock, this is probably a bit of realigning of the bonnet. How much do you guys think this is worth in terms of actual work? I really dont want to get ripped off just before christmas! On another note one of the mechanics said when i dropped my car off "talk about leaving it to the last minute" in a really sarky attitude, like i chose to wait until yesterday for my battery to die and for me not to be able to get the catch off....... Talk about bad customer attitude, how dare I bring my car in to be fixed!?!?!?!?!?
  13. I'm pretty sure they're varnished! Either that or the carpenter who made them did such a good job they still have a sheen on them after 25 years! I'll give that a go though, thanks!
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