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  1. It does smell though, but I thought it was the drains, the girl that served me was not very nice though, wouldnt entice me in there again, over priced I thought
  2. He does have a problem with people in cars, he has spat at us several times, on another thread on here someone saw him feeding rats on the rocky part of the area, near penine foods. Hes fine if you leave him alone, obviously happy in his own world.
  3. of course they are allowed on the roads!? if idiots on quads etc are allowed, so should a horse and trap or cart. They are a cheaper way than cars to get around, no high petrol prices. A lovely animal, the majestic shire.
  4. Well I have certainly started something! It is obviously a very emotive subject. I think the main reason I was concerned, is why has my son been put in this one and only mixed class, I thought he was quite bright, so would have thought he should have gone in a normal year 2, there are going to be 1 year 1, 1 year 2 and the mixed. however do they choose which pupils.
  5. Thanks for all replies, I had never heard of such a thing before, so I was quite shocked when I heard about it this morning, but it seems, other people have had good experiences from this regime, so will leave things as they are at the moment and see how my son gets on with it all next term.
  6. I have just found out that in my sons school next year, because there are going to be so many children, they are going to have mixed classes. that means year 1 and year 2 children in the same classroom been taught by one teacher. I was wondering if anyone else in Sheffield is going through this, and what peoples opinions are on it, I am thinking of taking my son out of this school as I think it will be very hard to have the same achievements in this environment
  7. yes, we went a couple of weeks ago, its open and great for all ages
  8. Ive got a domino set, let me know when you want it for, and we would love to join in the fun, and to the boring person earlier, why dont you go and play on your own somewhere, because, its thanks to people like this organising this great event, that we are such a great nation.
  9. Hi, does anyone know if there any strawberries ready for picking, I bought some in Morrisons this week and they were grown in Yorkshire, so thought maybe they would be ready.
  10. Hi my partner has a set, but thinks it might be too small for the job you doing, he said what size do you need
  11. fantastic, great to see, bet he loved it, sand between the paws!
  12. here here, equally a rabbit can live happily in a small cage indoors, as long as they get quality time to run around and interact with the owner, they will be more than happy, ours have a harness and go for a walk. people do not have ideal homes for their pets, well not very often, its love and time they need, I recently sold a bunny to a traveller who was going to have it as a house rabbit,
  13. Yes I can read, just telling what rabbits I had for sale, and if the rabbits are brought up together they will not fight, any more or less than one of each sex.
  14. Hi I have sent you a pm, we have 4 babby bunnies for sale they are 7 weeks old and have been handled since 10 days old, so very friendly, which you dont get in most shop bought ones They are £15 each and they are all boys that are left 2 tortoise shell ones, 1 white with tan markings and one grey and white pm me if interested
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