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  1. DIDN'T BIN LADEN COME FROM SAUDI ARABIA MAKING HIM THE MOST HATED ARAB IN THE WEST? He and his family went to stay in a hotel in london recently and the following morning he asked "what's the dammage guv" ?to the receptionist at this the chamber maid appeared and said "no need to charge them cos "no bed bin laid in"
  2. They are all arabs in my eyes the whole stinking lot of them.
  3. The best way to bring about change in our policy of remaining in iraq is to pressurise our local mp's to bring it to the attention of our government that we want the troops to come home. I am sure they will be told to take the party stance against terrorism and support the pm but if just a handful of rebels stood up against their own party leader and this government we might at least get the debate moving. The cartoon incidents and subsequent publishings only went to prove that these arabs haven't got a sense of humour.
  4. "sounds like a melody" by Alphaville on their album entitled "Forever young" it didn't do anything in the uk but in their home country germany it got to number 2, the song was a follow up from their uk hit "Big in Japan".
  5. I agree crookesey i can't understand for the life of me why we would want to make ourselves so unpopular in the world community just to back up our supposed allie, the yanks only came in to the second world war because of the bombing of pearl harbour this to protect their interests. Are we to accept that we have now avoided a greater amount of lost lives through terrorism by these fundamentalists in the west than the huge loss of lives to our troops and their civillian populations, i don't think so, this war can never be justified and it is high time we pressure our government to remove the troops and forcing our own government to do a u-turn. NOBODY SHOULD PROFIT FROM WAR .
  6. Vanity kills eh? i expect the officers and the woman concerned are on first name terms lol
  7. I think the result was right over the two legs and besides if benfica had lost to united, pool would have probably beaten united over the two legs so some consollation there. It's all over to you jammy 1 nil to the.arsenal
  8. It's the idealism of these people that needs erasing, just because you take out a few misserable arabs that's not to say another few will be replaced like a production line, these people are not frightened of death but are hell bent on their own destruction let alone our people in the west. I agree with you that action needed to be taken against the islamic fundamentalists but remember "a terrorist only has to be lucky once when targeting it's victims"
  9. I agree anne we have a party elected by 33% of the country who could be bothered to vote and we are told that is democracy. These politicians become more arrogant with every term of office they win in my view.
  10. God bless your friend can chick and thanks for sharing your views, i too am not happy about any country losing a love one in this dispute for oil/deleting a regime.
  11. Very true firecracker but wouldn't we do the same if an arab country had invaded the uk? not that it is likely,we don't know what it's like but i'm sure glad sheffield isn't suffering the same plite as baghdad can you imagine living there let alone reporting on the war. Is it really 3 years ago that the dictatorship and war ended?, i remember seeing the statue of sadam being toppled from my hotel on tv in malta on my honeymoon. Do you think american foreign policy would have been different had bush not been the president,the folk in the us must be sick to the stomach of hearing about all their casualties of war. Did you see tony blair on parkinson saying that it was a hard decision but with god's help a good one, devine wisdom it was not, no god i believe in would have sanctioned this dreadful act of going to war without the mandate of the people, perhaps tony thought he might lose a referendum on it and then he must surely have had to step down, i call him tory blair.
  12. The terrorists you mention bartfarst are indeed the reason why we are still in this country try to maintain law and order. It's a case of identifying these culprits rounding them up. In the former yugoslavia tito kept all the factions together until his death then all hell let lose, some folk will never get on whatever the peace agenda they are hell bent on destruction and creating instability, i fear for israel with this new partner that they have to deal with, hamas are a far more millitant organisation who's sole goal is to rid israelites of their land.
  13. Thanks for all your contributions on this subject and i would like to hear from anyone who has family out there in iraq who are still worried about them and their role in this illegal war, also if you have lost loved ones i only hope your pain and suffering eases in time.
  14. Ok mate i understand no probs thanks for your interesting and factual comments, i am not a leftie but i am only wanting the human suffering of these people to end as it is deeply upsetting to hear of the body count going up day by day. It's not just terrorists that die in these bombs innocent civilians too i'm sorry if i am stating the obvious.
  15. It's bizarre in the way that you are already talking about the impending invasion of iran before this one has been solved, it will take a huge effort and massive budget to do this, i don't think it is going to happen just yet and also there is a real worry that it could cause a huge uprising of militance towards the west as we know the us are hated by most iranians even though i am told there are alot living in california over 250,000 at the last count. It's also bizarre that you expect this thread to be closed as we all know the mods will side with far left social ideals as has already been stated.
  16. welcome to the school of airheads anne ,life sure is a box of chocolates, you never know what your'e gonna get.
  17. So bartfarst you want to either keep my opinions to myself and zip it or clear off to another forum? , i already contribute on the http://www.tripadvisorforum.com and switch alot from this to that, i have been on there alot longer than here and they are a great bunch of people at the moment, it hasn't always been good on there like alot of places. The real issue here is that if you are new to a forum people don't usually fall over backwards to make you feel welcome, this is not unique to sf it happens everywhere, a natural suspicion of someone from the outside quite prevalent in york where i used to live.
  18. I only got the option of two questions don't know why but i would be interested to hear your comments on whether we should stay in iraq for the long haul. I am concerned about the bombing of prestigious iraqi synagogues or places of worship, could the interim government have protected these places of worship as this was a siting time bomb waiting to go off, thanks for your comments too anne bizarre though they were.
  19. Not in our household we share the chores, i even do the shopping on line for my missus, life is too full of stereotypes,each to their own and women live longer because they have to put up with all those supposed chores like 11'vs,pampering them selves in spa clinics,beauty theoropy,ladies day at ascot,and mostly because of their iron will not to give in to anyone in an argument.
  20. It's called positive descrimination, women have never had it so good, the only thing they have to worry about is whether to go back to work after their children are born, if not then they must pay back their maternity pay.
  21. So venger gets away with calling firecracker an idiot does he? i can't see anything in this thread from venger which articulates his argument for or agains the war in iraq? am i missing something here? all i see is his deliberations and prognosis and the breakdown of a couple of irrelevant words.
  22. Venger i have a huge vast knowledge with regard to this illegal war sorry i stand corrected with the spelling issue. We hear about how iran will be targeted next because of their intransigence towards un inspectors, oh i forgot aren't they a filthy rich country when it comes to their oil reserves, was our country's security under threat by sadam hussein? why hasn't the west taken out zimbabwe's leader mugabwe? answer his country is so poor it couldn't pay off the interest on the continent's debt of africa. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing venger, do you need a little pair of tweezers to put that thing away?
  23. I would have no problem walking down there again as i have on numerous occassions when walking back from a nightclub in the city centre. I always call in at the chicken and chip shops on the wicker then walk it home to down town parson cross. Now that is scarey, it's like the lebanon up on the deerlands estate/road. Sure i've had moments when people up from the wicker will ask you for money or a cig it's no big deal.
  24. Venger you forgot the h in phsychotic and who were you refering to as an idiot? the only idiot is tb for allowing this farce for going on as long as it has. Civilised iraq i don't think so, not now at least, i can't remember a democracy in the west where as many people of their own country have been brutally killed and decapitated, waken up, i don't believe in the american philosophy that we keep our enermy where we can see them in our back yard. They just want the oil prices to go up so that they can benefit when their oil exploration and drilling starts in the antarctic to feed their country's insatiable appetite for their gas guzlers Good luck to vengers boys tonight. I bet gb said to tb i'll make sure your oil company ie shell,bp carry on making gross profits out of this dispute.
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