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  1. I think fox might be right - Just the ad she posted makes them look fatter I remember them being slim and hard
  2. Yep those the ones - small hard and three grooves on .....and they were called ...... ????????
  3. My kids have got a tan through wearing Factor 50 .... Unless you know for a FACT that the mother was not creaming the kids up before exposure I think it's a pretty harsh comment !!! If kids burn then that's wrong ...but a child with a suntan does not mean a neglected child !
  4. Yeah Yeah old hat ....He'd offen called me up for a ten bag Poor fella ...shame !
  5. I know what you mean but I don't know either now, I shan't sleeep HELP somebody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
  6. Were they white and hard with 3 grooves on (so to speak)??
  7. Bazooka Joe's Are the crappy tattoo ones aint they ? Hubba Bubba ?
  8. Ah mate you might have just saved my Life .... Thank Ya !
  9. LOL Oh NO !!!! wonder if they'll post me one I was at a BBQ the other week and I broke one - Altho the owner of the broken Meercat does not have me Ransomed ...I would like to replace it if possible ... Damn Lager ! *hic*
  10. Does anyone know if Morrisons still sell these Thanks.... If so where have you seen one ? Cheers
  11. I always say the Barnsley dialect is ....Haaaa Moooooch !!! There, have one back old fruits !
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