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  1. Four years ago we had a ground floor extension built. Last year the roof started leaking where it joins the house, down the side and wherever there is a join in the roof felt as rain is getting under the tiles when it's windy. I've had a couple of roofers look at it and they both say it needs the roof replacing with different tiles as the current tiles aren't suitable for the low roof pitch. The builder who did the extension is now retired, but could I get him to pay for the repairs or claim on the his insurance? I'm pretty sure there's a 10 year guarantee with his work. But not sure how to approach it.
  2. Hi. I think Mr Percival retired before the pandemic and Mr Burnham during the first lockdown, possibly due to I'll health. I only found out on the grapevine. I was also gutted to find this out as I've gone to that dentist my whole life. I have now registered with Collins and Ball just down the road from them following a recommendation from a friend. It's a very similar sort of family practice. First appointment was relaxed and friendly. Good luck.
  3. Just googled and yes you're right the dense needles and the fact they're evergreen make them the most effective at trapping pollution. Could be a good thing seeing as we get a lot of cars Idling at the traffic lights near us so could be beneficial to our health even if not aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Does anyone know the logic behind the council planting the odd pine tree here and there on grass verges? I like that they're planting new trees, but don't understand why they're not in keeping with the other trees on the roads. The pines seem to stick out like a sore thumb and look messy.
  5. Leaving them for wildlife doesn't account for the strange patterns and tufts they're leaving it just looks like half a job has been done by someone who really doesn't care about the end result. That's leads me to believe it's cost saving and laziness. But it's not the council, it's Amey. Our council tax has been used to pay their contract fees to the keep the grass between 2cm and 10cm and they're not doing it. Instead ramping up court costs for the already strapped council over trees and neglecting what they've actually been paid to do. We will have 25 years of this.
  6. I recommend Jeff the Joiner. Lovely guy, and good efficient work. We had him to replace our banister. Call Jeff - 078613 79796
  7. Our cat has always been happy at Rivelin Cattery. They have excellent standards of accommodation and clearly love the cats they look after. We can usually tell if he's had a good experience by his mood when leaving a cattery and he definitely gives Rivelin the thumbs up. They get booked up quickly as well which is a good sign too. I would avoid Moscar Kennels and Cattery like the plague. My friend just boarded his dog in the kennels there and they badly neglected her and failed to get medical attention when she needed it.
  8. Nothing here either. I guess they just couldn't resist messing us around a little bit more. No doubt there be an excuse posted on the intranet on Monday.
  9. I came in in the summer and sat out in the sun in your nicely done up courtyard, and can recommend the special hot chocolate. It's good to see new modern places opening up in Hillsborough. Good luck!
  10. I can't believe the treatment you've had. I would certainly not be offended. You may want to try the Sheffield International Venues pools. They have all recently signed up to the Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) http://www.inclusivefitness.org Perhaps you should suggest this to the pools you've had trouble at. IFI support facilities to become accessible and provide training for staff on disability awareness and how to support exercise for various impairments.
  11. Has anyone had any information about the appeals process? Originally they told us we'd know how to appeal by April, then in the Roadshows they said it was put back until May. It's now June and they said they'd be implementing in July. It doesn't leave much time to put an appeal together. I can't believe they are adding further insult by leaving us in limbo with no information on appeals. We can't appeal yet, we can't look for new jobs in the council beacause they are still not being advertised at the new pay rates. So we're still just waiting, wondering and being stressed out by the whole thing. Has anyone had any appeals info?
  12. Well said! They seem to foget that we too are voters and Sheffield Citizens.."where everyone matters", and so are our friends and relatives who support us in this unjust fiasco.
  13. I wasn't at the meeting, but I think it's a good idea for them to set up a database. I thought the purpose of this process was for people who do similar jobs to be paid a similar wage. However, I've heard many stories where this is not the case. I'd hope that their database will be able to establish if certain groups or individuals have been treated less favourably. This could then be used to challenge the whole process if it's found to be flawed. I'm sure that information isn't readily available on the intranet.
  14. The lack of transparency we are referring to is the way in which they have fitted our job descriptions into the new job profiles. There isn't a straight forward translation from my job description to the job profile I've been fitted into. Many of the elements in the role profile are open to interpretation as they are generic. I want to know how they have allocated scores and weightings to what we do. Where they have got their information from for my job. The fact that they are still negotiating the appeals process is little comfort to those of us who are being told we will have massive pay cuts. I want to do something about it now! Because, if my appeal is not succesful, I will need to get a new job in order to pay the mortgage. Something that will not be easy at this moment in time. I am hurt, upset and worried about the future. I just want to appeal and then deal with the outcmoe ASAP. I think it is heartless of the Council to land this on hard working members of staff without being able to give them the information about how to sort it out if a mistake has been made. Since I have worked for the council, I have found everyone I've worked with to be professional, fair and dedicated to their jobs. I feel let down that some of our Council colleagues, those that have been given the reposnibility to carry out this pay and grading task, do not seem to have the same qualities.
  15. As someone who used to live on the tram route I would be against it. Being woken up at 6 in the morning when the tram comes is one thing, but every hour throughout the night would not be fair on residents. They are really loud compared to any other form of transport.
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