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  1. It's a pity that theres no where like that now, and never will be again. These entertainers seem to prefer the big venues - more money. But do you also remember Greasboro Club. Saw P J Proby there and Lulu.
  2. What memories of the Fiesta Club. Chicken in the basket!. Getting front row seats for the Walker Brothers and being sung to by John Walker. Lovelace Watkins, Love Affair, Tiny Tim and his Tulips. Also, that googly eyed bear and his mate who won Opportunity Knocks! Brilliant Night out for the time- lots of good times there!.
  3. Albatross - Jimi Hendrix for me too!. I can still see him now xpalying guitar with his teeth. I remember he wore a sparkly multi coloured waistcoat. I think the Nice and Pink Floyd were on the same bill that night. I will never forget it.
  4. Can't remember where but there were a fair few band on at the city Hall too. But here goes, Applejacks, Merseybeats, Pretty Things, Walker Brothers(several times - big fan) Roy Orbison, Lulu, The Who, Pink Floyd, The Nice, Jimmy Hendrix, The Move, and various support bands whi I can't remember - but you paid 15 shilling for a ticket and saw fantastic bands on the same bill!. Brilliant.
  5. There are some interesting points here, but at Slimming World we are all equal, and because there is increased pressure to look 'good' we concentrate on the healthy eating aspect - weight loss being a by-product of this. We concentrate on good fresh food that doesn't have to be weighed and measured - and lots of it - with the occasional treat, whether it be wine,beer,chocolate, chips, lovely white bread! We include the recommended daily intake of calcium and fibre and I have never known anyone be hungry whilst food optimising. Men , generally lose weight more quickly than women, mainly because once they have made the decision to do something about their eating habits, they tend to stick to it until they are happy with their weight, but in all cases of weight loss and keeping the weight off, it has been a life changing experience. So, remember the first step is always the hardest, but once that's done, there will be no going back.
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