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  1. For got the name of your then dog yogi your mum did not like it when some time the dog would spend time with me and she would come looking for the dog I was aged about ten then .its a shame when you visited Rotherham you did not come over to totley my mother would loved to have seen you both .
  2. Hello Mandyw.my mum and dad worked at the fleur when your dad was the landlord I can remember them having a dog got run over by a car after that the dog when out would bark at cars passing the fleur.you were only a baby when l and my mother went to Blackpool with you and mum for a day out at that time your dad had a roller your mum clocked 100 plus in that car .did your dad retire to Blackpool.my dad was still there when you left .
  3. These markings are supposed to make the road safer/ better for cars turning right .now because the lines are broken you can drive through if safe to do so.this will just cause confusion for some.there was nothing rong with that roundabout except some drivers come on to it to quickly of the a57 may be why it's been done.
  4. if you did not give sky one months notice it may cost you more ,i had to pay alittle more to settle my final bill .i was just glad to get shut of sky in the end have also had det letters last one from a company in chesterfield tell me that i owed money to sky .had to ring sky and they have now cancelled the det,as i had paid my final bill .good luck
  5. google one called tiger insurance
  6. think you will find that you have to pay for radio codes on the net you will have to take the radio out for the serial number. haywood motors in sheffield did my radio code last year they do car radio decoding .http://www.carradiodecode.org.uk phone 2439777 thats if they are still open.
  7. hello julia the name of the shop i think was evans .
  8. you could try swift autocentre parkhill swallownest sheffield 0114 2692411 not to far from dinnington.they only do the work \ jobthat needs doing.
  9. hello pennina, ask mick to have another think its along time now .when we left totley c of e .i can just remember a farm at the bottom of moss road on the right hand side going up can not remember the name of the girl that lived there but i would stop and talk to her .also had a. friend who lived next to the rifle range chris johnson .
  10. hello dreb,know the names but did not know them personally had a mate john wright he knew wraggy,rob jones i did see him in the spitfire a few years ago was roger one of the taylors that lived on aldamroad .i remember that i would see them fishing the river off aldamroad.pete warburton did he work for the ambulance service if not got him mixed up with some one else who lived near you .
  11. hi dreb 48 our pathes cross yet again it was know as the chemical yard and i did now steve from there.have not seen him for many years last time would have been some time late 70s in the cross sythes .
  12. hello pennina i went to the same school as the coopers and julie,i can remember ian archibald and john woofinden just playing in a group think john was the drummer. sadly janet died some years ago .what part of totley did you live in,as a child first lived by the bridge on mickley lane.
  13. hello, house's on the tithe barn make very good family homes all have three good size bed rooms and most have good gardens just right for young kids close to shops good bus service.
  14. there is also a hire shop at manor top
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