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  1. Furniture factors is now gala bingo mfi wasn't on Kilner way
  2. matty fryatt signed from hull on 28 day loan today
  3. What are you the mounted spelling police ? I blame the vino Always:D
  4. im not panicking but i would be lying if i said im not a little worried about our current form kidder
  5. at the moment pal we cant handle it
  6. what about the season b4 that corks ? i cant remember who was in in but we struggled c.b made a joke and as usual dummies get spat out its not a laugh on hear anymore
  7. Don't give up the day job you senile old fool
  8. always liked the kid wish wednesday had got him and tbh im glad if its gone boobs up
  9. must be a close vote between owls and blades zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  10. 1 nillsson 2 nillsson 3 nillsson 4 nillsson 5 nillsson 6 nillsson 7 nillsson 8 nillsson 9 hirst 10 nillsson 11 nillsson
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