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  1. My aunt Sue lived at 25 Earsham st DID ANY ONE KNOW HER
  2. ABOUT 1938 Just before l left school Frank Mattock took a shine to me asking what l was to do when left school, a joiner l said , any tools no says l ,he told me to come back the next day ,he had bought me a saw, plane ,screwdriver, and a sheet of plywood. He set me fitting new bottoms to 4 suet boxes he paid me and said to keep the tools, l used to do odd jobs, when l had nothing to do he let me go on the egg run with the van driver round all the farms. HE was a very nice man. l never heard of him having any family but a brother ran the shop bottom of Bramber st. Cheers Arthur
  3. HI I sold a concrete mixer to someone at Spout House in the early 60ties was this you l wonder Cheers Arfer Mo
  4. do you mean Shaw Hill farm, Ralf Walker had it he had a club foot
  5. HI Any venues with disabled facilities . Cheers Arfer Mo
  6. HI I lived on EARLDOM ST went in the Normanton during the war and many years after. Arthur Fearnehough
  7. I did not know anything of Sir Charles Clifford but l do know what the land on Tree Root Walk was in use as , it was a very large orchard & vegetable garden with a very high wall encompassing it. I am a little ashamed to say l and other 8 yr olds climbed it and stole produce, we were poor and fruit was a real luxury in those days. one of these escapades nearly landed me in trouble as whilst l was very high up a pear tree we heard the door open to reveal a rather large man with a large black beard, he immediately chased the others away but did not see me up the tree. After he ate some fruit he fell asleep in his chair, after 2 hours in one position l could hardly move, l dropped the last 6 ft and raced to freedom l shall never forget that day. The next time l was on that land was to have a tooth out it was 10 yrs later Cheers Arfer Mo
  8. hi there was one of the oldest cinemas opposite the Palace union st called the Tivoli l was 11years old when l was wrongly accused of damaging the plants in the foyer and was fined 2/6 l am now 89 and still feel hurt about this. Arfer mo
  9. HI I went to school with Colin Gillott For years l was under the impression he had died but l believe he is still alive. We used to play together round the bakery on Lyons st or rd he used to give us buns and tarts l read somewhere that a mr Mallaband was a boss there he also was in the same class my name is Arthur Fearnehough get in touch Colin or any one alive from those pre war days. Cheers Arfer Mo
  10. anyone on here started before the war. Arfer mo
  11. Hi The last time l walked through the doors of that building it was called the Elektra and had a snooker hall underneath Cheers Arfer
  12. Hi Sue As soon as l saw Bil Mathers name, l thought l wonder if it's the same, and it is! l came across him several times in the snooker world during the latter part of the war, and thought he was a very nice fellow. Cheers Arfer Mo
  13. To add a tribute to Sanderson and Newbould, as a joiner about 50 yrs go l bought a PAX handsaw, and l treasured that saw. I came to live in France and it was stolen among other favourite tools l nearly cried. Arfer Mo
  14. HI Paul Do you happen to be a relation of David White an old friendof mine late Local Surveyors Dept Thank you Arthur /Arfer Mo.
  15. Russian Edna did live near All Saints on Sedan St she left the area to live with Duke of Darnall and was murdered in Highhazels park by an American soldier l believe ArferMo
  16. A Merry Christmas and a Happy Foruming New Year to one and all. Arfer Mo.
  17. Yes l do,l remember our washing disappearing in 1964, it was put down to the schoolboys, being as they were mostly boys jeans l had just finished building my first house bottom of Woodland rd next to the bridge, alls well that ends well. A Merry Christmas to you. Arfer Mo
  18. HI No mention of the Burngreave Liberal, it was on Brunswick Rd,l used to go in there 1946/51,nice lads and atmosphere Cheers Arfer Mo
  19. HI, I recall our first radio l think it was a Pye, l would be about 8yrs but l can't remember any programs, but it is over 80 yrs ago, it was semi triangular shape with a round grill with a pattern which always reminded me of trees with no leaves, maybe that was the intended pattern. As regards TV that was about 1950, my favourite prog; that was about a cosmetic surgeon who was called Dr Sava, and being retired he helped people with with his skills often without payment. Cheers Arfer Mo.
  20. HI Paul. Come on ! how could they have been on the left, there was the hay and straw merchants with a way round the back,then the lift, and adjacent was the steps. Cheers Arthur.
  21. HI I Remember a Mick Lomas ,plumber, l think he was in a bit of bother at one time, but l never saw him after , l think he must have left town
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