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  1. We have to keep our cat under 4kg as he had shattered pelvis last year and can't weight bear very well. Neighbours love him and despite having his best interests at heart we think they're feeding him to coax him into their home whilst we're at work, really upsetting.
  2. Great news, saw him last year and he was brilliant!
  3. yeah I get them in exactly the same place too...wondered if it was a belt buckle - really annoying.
  4. Reingold's nursery used to do them out towards lower Bradfield - they're probably cheaper too.
  5. I think she definitely crossed a line. ask your colleagues if she is as forward with them. If so, I'd get someone to have a quiet word, if that doesn't work - keep out of her way!
  6. Yeah, this is happening to me so might give it a go.
  7. Only when it takes 30 mins for the cows to cross the road.
  8. freshers week- the only week of the year you'll find human poo on a car bumper.
  9. Have you found it helps? My friend was veggie for ages but suffered from IBS. Incorporating a bit of meat in her diet (on doctors advice) made a huge difference for the better.
  10. Sounds like you've had some already - dropping your 'Hs
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