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  1. Hi I'm looking to buy 2 or 3 large plants / trees to put on my decking area. I don't mind if they're real or artificial....need them ASAP!
  2. def peak vets....fantastic service, very compassionate. BRILL
  3. not sure that I have the time to get it delivered before friday.
  4. Hi I'm looking to buy a Parrot handsfree kit for my partner for his birthday. Any ideas where I can get one from other than Halfords.
  5. Hi, this morning i went to unlock my 1998 Ford puma and couldnt get in. It has remote central locking. I pressed the button to unlock the door but the light on the fob just flashed once, and the doors didn't unlock. I tried this around 10 times...still nothing. I have just changed the battery on the fob too. I tried opening all the doors with the key manually ( including the boot), and nothing....the key turns but doors don't open. I'm thinking deadlocked?! I called the RAC and the man managed to open the bonnet with a long coat hanger thing, he tested the battery and said it was fine, then closed the bonnet. He tried WD40 on the locks...nothing. How do I deactivate a deadlock? or get into the car? Any ideas welcome.
  6. I'm going to a jubilee party, and the theme is british icons dead or alive. Any ideas for fancy dress male and female cheers
  7. we've been looking for a friend for our lab for a while now. But im just a bit concerned that he hasnt lived with other cats and dogs as i have 2 cats also. How much contact has he had with other cats and dogs?
  8. i'm a bit concerned...which explorers is she at if you don't mind me asking...inbox me if you'd rather.
  9. Hi I have a duvet cushions, dog bed and curtains going spare, just wondered where I need to take them.
  10. I must recommend RS_PROPERTY from the forum. I recently had some plastering that needed doing, so gave him a call and he was able to pop round and give me a fantastic quote the next day! He explained exactly what he was going to do and broke down the cost of everything so I knew I wasn't going to be ripped off. He's such a lovely, down to earth fellow and very reasonably priced. The work was done efficiently, cleanly and to a very good standard. Afterwards as I was looking to have wallpaper put up, and he was able to do that and the decorating too. The wallpaper was an intricate design, and he matched it perfectly and it looks AMAZING! ... he also got rid of some awful artex for me too. VERY VERY VERY HAPPY! :banana:
  11. Just wondering if anybody knows of anywhere who will hire me a big inflatable slide or bungee run for new years eve?
  12. gr8! I need a mini friend for my lovable pooch!...can't w8...I'm broody already! xxxxxxx
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