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  1. Ive just tried to log on to the site using firefox and it wont let me but accessing via internet explorer and it let me view straight away if this helps!!
  2. Got abit of a challenge for you guys, I really want to go out "clubbing" with my boyfriend but we have different taste in music... he cant listen to my type of music all night and i can only listen to his in small doses soooo we come to a compromise of retro.. but please if anyone has any better ideas please do tell I like my 80's 90's hed kandi and also like dance, he like trance and some hed kandi and some 90's so were not throwing in the towel yet lol We not big fans of Embrace, and its a definite NO for flares or anything like that lol used to go to leadmill but it seems to have gone downhill abit Got to admit not been out in town for a while so there could be a club just perfect for us just need a kick in the right direction Thank u for reading xxxx
  3. thanks for everything...but its council..and i know if it was happening to the ppl at the council it wunt be happening very long...its just a drag. The new thing is hes put in a complaint about me now saying i make as much noise !!! the cheek !!! but at least i have the council on my side and they dont believe him...i am appling for re-housing and am making the councils life a misery phoning up everyday so i know they'll get fed up of me before i get fed up of them... what is wrong with these people tho its like they are born to **** people off.. they should be a law where they are aloud to give em a good slap! Well am getting the recording equipment and see how it goes...anybody go an better ideas PLZ PLZ PLZ let me know
  4. Hi, Ive had a nuisance neighbour since November last year i done all the phoning the coucil and ive even phoned the police through him harrassing me and they have done nothing coz he has denied it all...ive filled in diary sheets and everything and i really dont know what to any more has anyone got any ideas apart from killing the Ali G wannabe? i am really at the last straw and i need to see light at the end of the tunnel be really grateful for your help.. Stay Sexy S x
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