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  1. i think united will just win it but i dont think it will be easy as you carnt take nowt for granted this season
  2. The prices going up are not allways down to people not going to the pubs as much. One of the main reasones is that if the brewery(sp) can make as much money selling 9 barrels as they can as selling 10 buy adding a few pence on each pint then they are going to do that because then they dont have to spend money making the beer and transporting it. what i dont under stand is that there can be a few pubs on one road that are owned by the same brewery but all have differnt prices
  3. im on about sorting a couple of minibus trips out in the new year so ill let you know if i get owt sorted
  4. Didn't she say owt to you about why she was hitting you?
  5. I couldnt get down in the end. Our lass is nearly ready to have our baby and didnt want me going but im still going on boxing day.
  6. how many of you are off to cardiff. There will be me and 4 mates going. Also how many of you are going by train.
  7. I have only just been able to get on the forum since the barnsely match but i would just like to ask why idiots throw coins at matchs. One little dingle hit me in the leg with one and its still hurting now, i am not a violent person but if id seen him after the match hed have got more then a coin thrown at him. what gets me mad is a copper saw who did it and did nothing but told a lad off near me for swearing.
  8. i walked out stright after the 3rd goal was scored in disgust and was not alone. i have never left a game early but last night i was fumming. united dont deserve to play in the championship if they are going toplay like that. 22 pound to watch that load of tripe.
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