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  1. Dual layer (50GB) Blu-Ray, with three times the read speed of the PS3 drive.
  2. I remember him from when I had a paper round at Maurice's in the 80s. Rest in peace Ben, condolences to your family and friends.
  3. They've already confirmed that there will be no lockout of pre-owned software, apparently the patent isn't PS4 related. We shall see. Article here.
  4. Spin Master (Miracle Adventure) is ace, I love Data East games from that era. Street Hoop (Dunk Dream) is great too. Soccer Brawl is one of my faves on the system, I've got the CD version. Will pick up the AES cart one of these days!
  5. Flashback wasn't on the PS1, its sequel Fade to Black was though. Too many old games I still play to list. Annoys me when people dismiss classic games as crap, then go on about how great classic films are.
  6. They're not bad. You're not gonna be touch-typing on it but it's miles better than text input with the controller alone, and more convenient than a full size keyboard.
  7. Dreamshell and a simple motherboard mod allows you to change the BIOS region and video output, so you can take advantage of cheap imports or games that never made it over here, or play shoddy PAL ports at 60Hz. Clicky.
  8. If only they'd built a charge circuit into the controller Great idea let down by needing an endless supply of CR2032s. There's a mod that lets you use four AA batteries, hardly practical though.
  9. The Saturn had an impressive 'OS' and predates both. The spaceship on the CD player was ace, and you could mess about with the pitch of the music for some reason. Think it had voice cancelling too but it wasn't particulary effective. Trying to think what the 1st console I had with a dashboard of sorts was, probably PC Engine CD-ROM followed by Sega Mega-CD.
  10. It was Kwik Save at the top and a library at the Essoldo end about 15 years ago. I think.
  11. He's not quitting, he's just calming down on the dangerous stunts.
  12. No, No, No, No, NO! It is pretty hideous though.
  13. The ones in Impulse look like the rechargable ones, I didn't know there were disposable ones! Can't say for sure though.
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