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  1. Thanks! We used to be there, and they don't have anything large enough thats affordable. Thanks for the response though.
  2. Hi I'm part of a theatre group in Sheffield and we are in real need of a space to store our costumes. We need about 100sqfeet or about the size of a single garage and dry. We have got quotes from most of the main storage spaces and they are just too expensive. We would be interested in any space, private rented, sharing a portion of a larger space etc. anything that anyone has available! We have a budget of around £80 a month Thanks Catherine
  3. Hi, I am trying to put together a low key hen do for a friend on Monday and I'm trying to find something fun and food related to do on the evening. Unfortunately we can't get into Cocoa for chocolate tasting. It could be anything food related really, tasting, making, learning.... Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks DM
  4. the entire downstairs of our place had them - not only did the glue do exactly as described above to the plaster, but also the wieght of them plus numerous coats of paint loosened the 100yr old plaster too.... All good now though! (Mac_Plas can testify to the state of the ceiling in the hallway!)
  5. But if a bill takes too long to pass through all the various stages (I forget what the limit it) thenit has to go back and start all over again, which is often enough to kill something. And it is often failing to get through the Lords which holds it up.
  6. Just a week to go till opening night! Still tickets available for all nights, so don't miss out. It's shaping up to be a great show. Thanks
  7. Was it definitely from the council? It wouldn't be unheard of for them to run a survey, but they would usually contract a specialist company to do it and it also is unlikely to be door to door as such, usually its a sample of people and they should write to you in advance and let you know, give you chance to opt out etc.... (I know because I used to manage such surveys). As Wall builder said, if they siad theyw ere from the council there will be someone there that knows about it, and if they said they were from the council and weren't then it sounds like a scam and it should be reported! ---------- Post added 10-10-2013 at 15:03 ---------- Sounds like this: http://www.bmgresearch.co.uk/bmgresearch/KMS/news.aspx
  8. We think it's good value, glad others agree! I'm hope you enjoy it! When you book tickets you can either reserve and pay when you get there, or pay in advance via paypal and just collect on the night. x
  9. Thanks Sophie, I certainly hope it is is! Tickets are £8. Thanks
  10. you will probably need to involve building control, or at least ask if they want to sign off the extension of the sixe of the living space. If they are coming to sign off the roof anyway then it's no great shakes and you can roll it all up in one application. They wanted to sign off on oput extension of living space in the attic.
  11. Midland Players Present ‘Travels with my Aunt’ adapted from the novel by Graham Greene by Giles Havergal. 7.30pm 30th October – 2nd November 2013 at the University Drama Studio, Glossop Road, Sheffield This Olivier award winning play takes us to 1969 to follow the whirlwind adventures of retired bank manager Henry Pulling. When his long-lost, septuagenarian aunt insists upon his company on her travels Henry meets a hippy, a war criminal, fortune tellers and smugglers, all while hotly pursued by the CIA and several policemen. Through his encounters the play explores themes of truth and morality, the pursuit of happiness and its consequences, as well as the struggle to delay death. Tickets are available by phone (07928 276383), email (tickets@midlandplayers.co.uk) and via the website (http://www.midlandplayers.co.uk).
  12. Ack! My mum just sent me a cool but bedraggled hat she had in her attic, but I can't make that Saturday.... will you be doing this again?
  13. Hi all, I just wanted to let you know that Midland Players are holding open auditions for our Autumn production, Travels with my Aunt by Graham Greene. The play will run in the week commencing 27th October at the University Drama Studio, Sheffield. All are welcome to audition, but we are particularly interested in finding male actors for this play. We will be auditioning on the following dates (sorry for a bit of short notice!): - 3rd July from 7pm at the Harlequin Pub, Nursery Street, Sheffield - 4th July from 7pm at the Rutland Arms, Brown Street, Sheffield - 11th July from 7pm at the Harlequin Pub, Nursery Street, Sheffield We will start auditions at 7.30 but feel free to come before to talk about the play or the auditions. you can see more information about the play, the cast we are looking for, the roles and the audition process by following this link: https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=5CAA644D93DC200B!1019&authkey=!AMKqAsOX5pGyi3Y If you would like to audition but can’t make these dates, if you have any questions or want to get hold of the audition pieces please get in touch on the thread or by PM. Please do share this with anyone else you feel may be interested. Thanks Catherine ---------- Post added 04-07-2013 at 22:05 ---------- Hi, well we have had the first 2 audition sessions, and while we have seen some good people we are still looking for male actors so if you think you might be interested in trying out for this fun play please do get in touch!
  14. I forogt Wig and Pen, that is also good. I like All Bar One though it can get busy. However at 5pm it'd probably be Ok.
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